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Emma left promptly on Monday morning, catching the first flight out.
Louis had been released from the hospital Sunday morning, just in time for him to attend Ed's annual Halloween party, which he always held on actual Halloween, regardless of which day of the week it fell on.
The nurses strictly instructed him that he may not drink any alcohol while taking his medications, and they even went to the extent of telling both Harry and Mila, as Louis only discarded their instructions.
He was banished to crutches for a month, and if his leg wasn't healed properly by then, he'd be stuck with crutches for even longer.
The aquarium was forgiving, and practically did everything to ensure that he wouldn't sue them for the incident. He wouldn't, of course, but he also did not turn down their generous pay raise to seventeen dollars an hour. Unfortunately, he'd been banished to a desk, and would rotate between working the front desk welcoming guests, or working peacefully at his desk in his office, which was rather dark and dingy and quite lonely, at that.
Him and Emma had been acting rather odd with one another. Everytime they'd bump their hands into one anothers, or even glanced in each others direction for too long, they'd freeze up and act all odd and shit. Mila called them out on it several times, but they both claimed they hadn't had the slightest clue what they were referring to.
Today was finally the day that Harry and Mila would tell Louis about Oliver. Tomorrow was Mila's twenty-second birthday, and her mother sent her multiple texts daily about how upset she was that she'd be missing yet another birthday.
"Hey Lou?" Harry began, rummaging through the refrigerator to find ginger ale for his friend.
"Don't talk to me unless you've rolled me a fat one." Louis teased, his voice thick and full of annoyance. Since Emma left, he seemed a bit on edge. What was going on...?
Mila sat behind Louis on the couch, her palms digging into his shoulders as she massaged his tense muscles, her legs wrapped around his waist.
His injured leg sat on the coffee table, heavily bandaged.
"We'll smoke after your done taking your medication." Mila smiled.
"When will you be back here? Back home?" Louis whined, his neck relaxing as he rolled his shoulders slightly.
Louis was right. Right here, in this apartment, was home to Mila. She realized then, she never wanted to leave again.
"I'm dropping out of FSU." She announced, just as Harry returned, handing a can of ginger ale to Louis. He was just about to tell him about Bexley and the baby, but that thought immediately left his mind.
"WHAT?" Both Louis and Harry shouted, haulting Mila's actions.
"I said I want to drop out. I'll just transfer to Grand Canyon or something." Mila responded rather confidently.
"Mila, where is this coming from?" Harry rasped. Even though the idea of his girlfriend sleeping by his side every night again made him extremely giddy, the idea of her throwing her life away sounded like an awful, awful idea.
"Just what Louis said really made me realize that I'm happiest here. This is my home."
"Florida is your home. FSU is your home. Education comes first." Harry scolded.
Mila's jaw dropped, her facial features knitting together in confusion and annoyance. Louis remained silent.
"I thought you'd be more on board with this, babe. Don't you miss having me around?" She frowned, her heart sinking with every word that was spoken. Sure, the decision to drop out of college was spontaneous as fuck, but it was what she wanted. What her heart wanted.
"Of course I miss you," Harry reassured her. "But I'm not going to let you throw away your life just to live here and work some inbetween job."
"I liked working at Pima County." Mila whined, unwrapping her legs from Louis' waist and standing up to become more level with Harry.
"And I love you. But I'm not going to let you do this. Go back to the Uni, I'll see you for the holidays. Possibly." 
"Possibly?" Mila questioned, peering up at him through hooded eyes.
"My Mums been talking about going to England for Christmas." Harry revealed. Mila's heart sank.
"So? Do you really need to be with her?" Mila snapped. Louis grunted in response, mainly from pain but also in disgust. Was she serious"
"You know my Mum isn't well." Harry stammered. "Her traveling alone is not a good idea."
"Freya can go with." Mila hissed.
"She's used to taking care of her anyways."
Harry seethed at her words. What the hell was her problem?
"Maybe I want go to England too!" Instead of raising his voice, he argued rather calmly. Mila, however, had a different mindset.
"Stop being selfish! It's our first Christmas, we should spend it together!"
"I'm being selfish? Christ, Mila. Please tell me you're joking. I haven't been to England in four years, and you're telling me that you don't want me to go?"
"Incorrect. I'm telling you that you can't go." Mila sang.
The entire room suddenly went cold. Even Louis felt ill at the words that spewed from Mila's mouth.
Funny thing was, Harry and Louis had joked about controlling women in the past. Louis exact words once had been: "If she ever tells you that you can't do something, run."
Harry wished he could run. It would make things a helluva lot less awkward right now, but he loved her.
"I'm going to pretend like you didn't say that." Harry spoke finally.
"Just think about it. Please." Mila begged, tears filling her golden brown eyes. She knew that she was being a bitch, but sometimes she just had to. If Harry went to England and they spent their very first Christmas apart, she'd probably die of a panic attack. 
"Didn't you want to tell me something, H?" Louis interrupted.

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