70. Good Morning

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I woke to Jays hands gently travelling my body and I was moaning with pleasure before I'd even had a chance to open my eyes.

"Good morning."  I whispered, my voice still thick from sleep.

"Yes it is."  Jay responded as he moved between my legs, bent them at my knees and pushed them up and open. 

"Fuck, I love looking at you. I love the changes in your body, I love knowing that you're carrying a part of me, of us, inside you."

I gripped the sheets beside me when I felt his warm breath blow against my moist pussy.

"So wet Mia and I haven't even touched you yet."

"Please Jay?" I begged and when his tongue greedily licked my clit, I begged for more.

"That's it baby, I fucking love hearing you."

He pushed my legs wider and ran his tongue along my slit, my hands moving to his head to hold him in place.

"Do you want me to fuck your pretty cunt with my tongue baby?" He teased, his stubble grazing my clit as he looked up at me.

"Yes, God yes." I cried and my hips jerked when he sucked my clit between his full lips, the tips of his fingers entering me.

He gently placed a hand over my stomach and held me in place as he replaced his fingers with his tongue, exploring and probing me relentlessly. 

Each time I pushed against him I was rewarded with his stubble scratching my sensitive skin, my moans encouraging Jay to work his tongue deeper.

"Jay..."  His name slipped from my lips on a breath as my body tightened and a knot began to form deep inside.

He wrapped his arms around my legs, his grip tight against my inner thighs as he held them open. 

"Give it to me Mia."  He murmured as my muscles began to pulse and the heat began to build.

The addition of his thumb rubbing my clit was my undoing. With a loud cry, my body trembled and released and I lay back panting as Jay devoured me.

There was a time when I was embarrassed when I heard him lapping my juices, but Jay had helped me lose my inhibitions and enjoy his attention.

Sure, he could still make me blush, but the images his words conjured up would light that flame within me.

He crawled up from between my legs, his lips still wet with my arousal and he growled as I flicked my tongue over them.

"So fucking hot."  He murmured before his lips claimed mine in a deep kiss.

I could smell my arousal, I could taste it and it was something I associated with Jay, because he sucked on my pussy as often as he splashed his cologne.

"I love you Jay Williams."  I whispered as I grabbed his hair and pulled his mouth back down to mine.

His hand moved down and he gripped my breast, his thumb rubbing over my nipple until it pebbled.  He nipped, sucked and licked his way along my jaw and as he took my earlobe between his teeth, I heard. 

"And I love you Mia Campbell.  So fucking much."

He was careful to keep his weight off my belly and if I'm honest, I missed it.  I missed his weight on me, his hard body pressed tight against my smaller one.

I rolled him over and quickly straddled him, my hands resting on his chest as I kissed and nipped his strong jawline.

His hands gripped my hips and held me steady as he ground himself against me.

"Oh god Jay." I moaned as I lowered myself onto his hot, hard cock. 

His breath hissed through his teeth as I moaned out my pleasure when his width stretched me wide.

"Jesus Jay."  I hummed as I slowly raised and lowered myself, Jays fingers digging into the skin on my hips as he guided me. 

"I fucking need you babe." I admitted as I began to ride him faster. 

"Yeah Jay, that's it.  Fuck, that's it." I moaned as his hips lifted to meet me.

Within minutes he'd flipped me over, his lips were dominating mine and he oozed control.  "

"Your cunt feels so fucking tight Mia." He groaned against my neck.  "So fucking tight; so fucking perfect."

I moaned as he sucked my neck. 

"My fucking cock feels so good inside you.  It fucking belongs here baby."

His voice was husky and deep and my body reacted as he began thrusting hard and fast.

"Yes, oh god yes." I cried as he held me tight and fucked me with the intensity that my body craved.

"When your pretty pussy gives me what I want," he panted. " I'm gonna roll you over and take your sweet ass babe."

My moan was out before I knew it was even coming.  Jay's dirty talk, his words, his thoughts had my pussy tightening around him. 

My body automatically responded to him like he was my lifeline.  And in a way, he was.  I felt like I needed him to operate, to focus, to fucking breathe.

And he knew it too.

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