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                "How does it feel dear? Losing the best thing that's ever happened to poor, pathetic you?" The sociopathic woman cooed.

           "I SAID GIVE HER BACK!" The feverish boy screamed, lunging towards the woman, hysterically yanking on the copper embroidered chains attaching him crudely to the harsh iron cell he was imprisoned in. "LET HER GO! LET HER GO! LET HER GO!" He shrieked frantically. Drained tears stained his grimy face. By now he barely noticed the
stinging, singeing pain of his raw, bloodied skin rubbing against the copper chains, he was too desperate. "GIVE HER BACK. BACK! GIVE HER BACK!" The woman, hidden ominously in the shadows just chuckled darkly.

                "But my dear little monster," She clucked, bending down to meet the eyes of her animal-like hostage, "You're too dangerous to have her." She paused. "After all, you're the one who did this to her."

                "NO!" Suddenly the boy's hoarse voice broke. "Y-you lie. You lie! You're a sociopath! You're insane woman. Insane! You're insane!"

                "My dear child, I'm the only sane being left in this revolution." She hissed, her voice suddenly dark, almost lethal. Poison seemed to drip from her lips as she spoke. "Everyone is insane nowadays. They're the mad ones. They're blind too. They're to blind to see the answer. The answer, you're the answer. You're the monster who started the plague. You. They're just to blind to see it. Kill you and... and, and it'll all end."

                At the woman's chilling words, the boy's crazed frenzy calmed just enough for him to understand her. Finally, he understood why she was doing this. Why the crazy
woman had imprisoned him and stolen- stolen her.
The sociopath woman blamed him for the plague. She blamed him for humanity's downfall, but it wasn't his fault. Humanity didn't deserve to live. They were too polluted. They were all vile, corrupt men, selfish to no extent and cared for nothing but wealth. He had hated them- all of them, he had hated all humans- that is, he had hated all humans until he had met her, Ceres Blythe. Ceres had believed him when he told her humans were too polluted to continue. She had helped him create the plague. They had spent years together in his lab, they had worked tediously for months at a time to create one, single vial of the infection. Then, one day, it happened. The plague became reality. They had released it into the world together, hand in hand. Yes, Ceres Blythe was without a doubt both the best and only good thing that had ever happened to him, and this crazy woman from the rebellion had STOLEN her. STOLEN.

                "Give her back." He growled, snapping out of his blissful memories, and lunging once
more at the woman, but to no avail.

                "I  can't do that dearie."

                "Back. Give her back." He hissed, reduced to animalistic instincts. His pupils glinted
in madness, his teeth bared, his throat produced low, guttural threats.

                "She's dead." The woman laughed. Her slight chuckle taking off into a maddened

His blood froze, his heart stilled.

Dead? She couldn't be dead. They had plans, plans to watch humanity fall together.
Plans to die together. No. She couldn't be dead.

                "You lie." He whispered,
intending to scream the words, but his voice betrayed him, barely audible.

                "I killed her myself with the virus you created."

                NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!
NO! NO! NO! NO! NO- The voices in his head buzzed. Blurring and
slurring together the voices screamed and raged. They drove him over the edge. His last bit of sanity fled and he collapsed onto the cell floor. His body
stilled as the voices controlling his mind and driving him out of his own head drove him completely insane. The woman barely gasped. She had planned on killing him with his own poison, just as she had killed Ceres Blythe, but as
the boy twitched and lost all sanity before her, she realized keeping the shell of a body and mental mind of his around, displaying him in a cage like a trophy would be oh-so much more rewarding, than his immediate death. She smiled then, cast one final glace towards the ruined boy, and strode away, leaving him to
his lonely state of eternal insanity. 

The end

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