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Chapter 1

Alexandra POV

Today was the last day of my junior year and I was getting ready to turn 18 years old and going into my senior year the next school year. As I shuffle my food around my plate as I sit across from my step father; I let out a sigh. Something was going on my stepdad was looking over at my mother who was giving glances at me. I shift once more becoming even more uncomfortable. I had just decided to begin eating when my mother opens her mouth, "Alexia, you are getting married," she tells me as I look at her I almost choke on my food.

She cannot be serious; I am only 17. Did I just hear her right? My dad had passed away two years ago and I want to a bad place after that accident; not wear all black and shunning god, but I did start doing something that I probably should stop...I cut.

"I am doing what?" I finally say coming back to reality as I start to move once more; I see my mom look at Troy then me. 

"You're getting married Alexandra," he says.

I drop my fork onto my plate; the fork made a loud ting on the plate as I shake my head, "To whom, am I getting married to?" I spat my confusion growing and I start to get angry. Troy takes my mom's hand and staring me down as my mom looks at him.

"Troy you tell her."

"You're marrying Kaleb Baker," Troy responds and my mouth falls open.

I am marrying Kaleb Baker?! Wait! What?!

Kaleb's POV

I was sitting in my room texting my girlfriend Hanna, as I listen to Pain by Three Days Grace; when my Mother and Father walk in to my room. "Kaleb, your father and I have to tell you something," Mother nervously says as I pause the song and put my phone away sitting up.

"Son, you're getting married to Alexandra Roberts," Father says and I start laughing, he was joking right?

My parents look at each other and I stop laughing, "Wait, you both are serous?" I yelling stand up; my father nods and my mother hands me something in a small black box, I open it. There was an engagement ring in the box.

"It was your great grandmother's ring."


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