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song used: Recovery by Justin Bieber

first I'll acknowledge
your trust has been broken now
a successful recovery
I pray for us at night
blessed me with a second chance
never thought I'd see your face again
learned a lot through trial and error
tryna make it right

Selena scrolled down her twitter notifications, and all she saw was hate after hate after hate.
She saw tweets threatening to hurt her, tweets saying how ugly and horrible she was.
Then there were the tweets from Beliebers who tweeted her how much Justin meant to them, and that it would kill them if she hurt him. That killed her because she knew, deep down inside her heart, she didn't love him like how he loved her.
She also saw tweets of rumors of Justin cheating, smoking, and drinking, which made her feel terrible because she knew that rumors of her, with her feelings all tied up, and the distance got to him.
Selena held back the tears as she exited her twitter app, and dialed Justin, impatiently tapping her hands on the desk as she waited for him to pick up.

make it right, make it right, make it right
it's time to do ya right

Justin sat in his room, pacing back and forth with his phone in his hands. He wanted to call Selena, to tell her that everything's going to be alright, and that she can try to organize her feelings whenever they can meet up.
But there was something knotting him in his stomach, preventing him to call her. He didn't know what it was.
His heart ached whenever he thought of Selena. He knew he was in love with her; he knew that he would do anything for her, too.
Suddenly, his phone buzzed, causing him to stop pacing.
He looked at the caller ID and smiled, seeing Selena's name flash on his iphone screen and a picture of him and her as the background.
"Hey Selena! I've been meaning to talk to you! Look, you've got to come down here, I miss you so much. I-"
"Justin," she cut him off.
He frowned at her bluntness. "What?"
"I'm done."
"What are you talking about?"
She stayed silent on the other line; Justin's worry slowly increasing as her breathing began to hitch.
"It's over Justin. I'm tired of this relationship. It has too many ups and downs and I can't stand that. I'm so sorry."
Justin felt like his world came to a complete stop. There was this burning in his stomach, and his heart felt like someone was squeezing it. almost to the point of it bursting.
"Selena, please, don't do this to me baby! I love you so much, you can't just leave me like this! Selena.. I'm in love with you."
"Good bye Justin. My decision is final. I am so sorry Justin. I.. Have a nice life."
With that, the line went dead.
Justin peeled his phone away from his ear, staring at his phone as the call ended and his phone turned off.
He slowly grabbed his chair, keeping him up as his legs began wobbling.
The blonde carefully walked over to his bed and laid down, tears sliding down the side of his face and dripping onto the pillow.

missin' ya good intentions
missin' ya from a distance
hope ya did the same
I know that I caused a problem
I Know that I left you livid
pushed you far away

Ariana sat down on her couch, sighing. She's been working really hard on her album, and she's finally got a rest.
Pulling out her iphone, she went onto twitter, her newsfeed immediately blowing up.
An eyebrow shot up as she saw one of the Beliebers she followed tweeting about Selena, saying how she was such a bitch.
She checked the trending topics and her heart felt like it just stopped.
Jelena Broke Up.
Immediately, she jumped up from her couch and grabbed her car keys. She quickly drove to Justin's house, her heart racing.
Once she parked her car, she ran out of her car and up to his door, banging on it.
After a couple minutes of no answers, she began to worry.
"Justin! Open up, it's me, Ariana! Please Justin!"
She shook her head, tears threatening to fall and she walked down the porch steps and into his little garden. She found the rose pot she was looking for and lifted it up, snatching the house key from beneath it.
Racing inside his house, she ran up the stairs into his bedroom. The bathroom door had a light under it, and she knew exactly what he was doing.

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