A tribute to the hunger games

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A Tribute to the Hunger Games

I pick up the book with the black cover and golden bird.

To me it doesn’t look promising.

I decide to read it anyway.

Suddenly I am in a new place, an unfamiliar place.

I am in Panem.

A place Painted vividly with words by Suzanne Collins.

The girl who hunts so her and her family won’t starve,


Her sister,


Her bestfriend,


Short Jokes and false laughter to cover up fear while sitting in the forest

Knowing it’s coming, The Reaping, The Hunger Games.

They dress up and act like it’s a holiday against their own will.

For 23 unlucky children it’s doomsday

For 24 unlucky families it’s tears, worry, and hope that is hard to come by.

“May the odds be ever in your favor” she yells excitedly.

If the odds were in our favor there wouldn’t be odds at all, they think.

Now names to draw,

“Ladies first”

Who’s unlucky fate?


No, not her!

She runs to the stage.




No tears,

Can’t let them win.

Boy’s next.

Who’s unlucky fate?


The boy with the bread.

Time to say goodbye in the justice building.

Kindness is shown and gifts are given,

Cookies and a pin.

“Don’t let them starve!” She cries to the only person she trusts,


To the train next.

Fancy clothes followed by a fancy meal.

Laughter at the drunk mentor.

Laughter that quickly turns to worry and anger.

What help will he be?

Kindness from the boy with the bread.

To the new world filled with colorful people , wigs, and pinched voices.

The capitol.

Pulling the hairs, dressing her up.

Struggling to impress.

It’s interview time,

He asks about her, He asks about Prim.

No tears, Can’t let them win.

Declarations of love.

To the Arena next,

Grab the supplies and go Katniss.

Run, run and survive.

Work alone for now.

Until you see her. The girl like Prim

You will help her.

She dies and you sing.  Coving her in wildflowers.

You work alone again.

Until they announce. You can both live from the same district.

You find him, the boy with the bread.

The one who betrayed you, then saved you.

Painted with dirt and mud, sick.

It’s time to act. To “Fall in love” To get what you need.

Do you really love him?

Do you love the boy with the bread?

Risk everything to save him.

Feeling better but dieing from thirst.

To your doom.

They find Mutts. Mutts from the capitol.

These are not normal mutts. They are tributes, dead tributes.

He get’s hurt and the other is killed.

She manages to save herself and him. But only one can live. Only one can win. The rules changed again.

Pull the berries that change it all.

Both will die or none will die.

Capitol gives in.

Two victors!

Two betrayed souls returning back to district 12.

I close the finished book and my mind  races ahead of me.

I want to read more.


My hands itch as I reach for the next one.

 It doesn’t look promising

But now I know better.

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