Chapter 1:

“Shit! You little vixen!” Jay shouted as I stomped on his foot that next morning.

“That's what you get for thinking that you could try to do stuff to me when I'm sleeping!” I then punched him as hard as I could in the stomach. “That's what you get for being an ass.” I then slammed my elbow in his face. It collided with his nose, which instantly started bleeding. “And that's just cause I don't like you.”

“You bitch!” he says. Next thing I know, he has a hand in my hair. Soon I find myself jerked back, then forward, forcing me on my knees.

I jerk my head back. My head hits him right where the sun don't shine. He falls to the ground, groaning in pain. I quickly stand up, only to have him hit me in the back of the legs making me fall onto the ground again.

Soon we were pulled off of each other by two guards. They had to hold me back from attacking him again.

“Easy there, chica,” the Hispanic guard holding me said. To my surprise it was a female. She was a little over weight, but to be honest I was pretty sure it was all muscle. She held me back easily.

“Let me at him!” I said, trying to resist as hard as I could. I was literally throwing all of my body weight into trying to get away from her.

She didn't budge a bit though. “It's breakfast time, you two are to be escorted to the mess hall to eat.”

We instantly stop fighting the guards. Food. My stomach growled at how good that sounded. Prison food it shitty but when you're starving, you'll eat anything.

The guards led up to the mess hall. On the way other prisoners were let out of their cells. We were forced into a neat thin line as we walked. None of us looked back, we weren't allowed to. Facing forward was really the only option we had.

Once we were in the mess hall we were lead to the lunch lines. Unlike in high school, we weren't allowed to complain where we were at in line. We just had to deal with it. If we got cut, then we would either get beaten up or sent to solitary if we complained about it. Keeping your mouth shut was mandatory. The only time you were allowed to talk was when you were sitting at your table or back in the safety of your cell.

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