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So this is 9 months after Kara's accident and she still hasn't woken up. Lena is forced to have the baby without Kara.

Lena sits by Kara's bedside, holding her hand and rubbing her huge stomach. She laughs slightly to herself, "A few more days Danvers. You can wake up..and we'll have this baby and do this together. " Lena kisses Kara's forehead, feeling a little bit of water on the hard chair Lena stands up. "My water just broke." She whispers. Before she knew it, she was calling for Alex, her voice shaky and scared.


After 6 hours of labor, and a lot of pushing, their beautiful baby girl was born. Their. Lena was happy to call her theirs, but she wouldn't need to much longer. After days and days of talking to Kara, she had decided on her best option.

Alex hands her their baby girl, and she holds her tightly. Lena cries, feeling terrible for what she was about to do. But she knew it was for the best. "Alex.." Lena said just above a whisper, "I want to give her up for adoption." Alex could tell the young mother was holding back tears,

"Lena, you are going to be a great mother-" Alex starts, but Lena cuts her off.

"Not without Kara. If she doesn't wake up..I don't know what I'll do..." the raven haired girl had let her daughter hold her finger.

She thought about changing her mind, but then stuck with the adoption. She knew if she were to be a single mother, nothing would work out. "Lillian Eliza." Lena whispers and gently kisses their daughter's forehead.

Okay so this is like a short fill-in of what happened to Lillian Eliza and what Lena decided to do, since Kara wasn't awake yet. Hope you like it, and chapter one will be coming soon. :)

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