A piece of mind

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8:00 p.m

I sat at my moms crib just thinking about all the shit that took place with Asia. I knew my moms could give me the piece of advice I needed so here I am now. I felt like I wasn't wrong at all about what I did bottom line Asia was talking about killing my child and I found that so fucked up. I don't care what we got going on its not about us it's about the baby.

I would never think Asia would even think about some shit like that I mean I knew she didn't want anymore kids right now, but I did and I still do. Then she  wanna bring up me not wanting to wear a condom and shit which she was right about because I never did, but shit what's done is done she can't blame me it takes two.

I think Asia know we can make it with this baby she just on some real selfish shit. I know she's the one who gotta carry the baby and go through the body changes, but I swear on everything I'd be there for her. With me going to jail and not being around lately I know that put a lot of doubt in shorty mind, but she just gotta trust that I'll step up and be the nigga that I need to be. I'm out here grinding for my family so they won't want for nothing and she don't even appreciate that. The situation is just real fucked up right now.

Me and Asia go way back and we suppose to be better then this mess she know it too. It's clear that Asia scared, but she can't let that dictate her choice. I'm fucking here I can't stretch that enough. I guess a nigga will never understand.

''Baby what you doing sitting in the dark? Everything okay.'' My moms said giving me a hug and sitting across from me.

''Nah ma everything's fucked up right now.'' I said putting my hands over my face.

''Drew what's the matter baby? Talk to me.'' She said.

''It's  Asia ma she's pregnant and talking about killing my baby. Can you believe that shit?'' I said getting heated all over again. Just saying that shit made me want to fuck her ass up.

She sighed. ''Calm down baby I know this is tough for you, but did y'all talk about it? I'm not taking her side or anything but there has to be a reason she doesn't want it.'' She said while I immediately jumped in defense mode.

''Does it even matter ma? She fucking foul and you know it. I can't believe her ass I should really fuck her up.'' I said balling up my fist.

''Drew I know your mad, but you better stop all that cussing in my house. I know it's more to this story so calm down and talk to me baby.'' She said while  I sighed.'' Ma I just need you to tell me what to do before I go back over to her place right now and set her straight.'' I said trynna calm down, but popping up was nothing trust.

''Drew you know I'm here for you baby, but you gotta tell me why she feels like this I know you know.'' My moms said.

I smacked my lips.''I guess she feel like I won't be there for the baby because of how I went away and now that I'm home I been doing my own thing trynna get back on my feet and I haven't had as much time to see Brooklyn.'' I said while she nodded. ''Okay now that makes a lot of sense on why she feels the way that she does.''

I got up quick. ''Ma I know you not taking her side on this shit this some fucking bull shit and you know it.'' I said raising my voice.

''Drew I'm not taking her side at all I'm just saying I get where she's coming from, but all I know is you got one more time to disrespect me like I'm not your mother. I won't have that and you know it. I'm trynna be there for you, but you just pushing me away.'' She said calmly.

I sighed. ''I'm sorry ma I ain't mean to cuss at you this shi-- I mean stuff just got me messed up in the head.'' I said sitting back down.

''I know baby I know it's hard, but you two just gotta talk to each other not argue just talk. I get why you feel the way you do your father felt the same way when I chose not to have his baby. It's not right for her to make that decision with out you especially because you helped make the child, but you have to know it won't work unless you two want it to.'' She said.

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