Shane's Finest

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two: Pennslyvania - The Announcement

God, kill me now.

"Oh Marcus, you're such a smooth talker," María purred, stroking my father's jaw with the back of her hand.

Um, excuse me while I gag.

Dad chuckled deeply, and winked at his Mexican girlfriend before kissing her-

Oh God. Embarrassed, I look away and focus on one of the many extravagant paintings the restaurant hung on their walls. It was framed in gold with little designs in it that looked like a child did it. Please, my six year old little sister McKenna could have down a better job at that.

Lucky for her she was way down in Florida with my mom instead of watching our father coddle over María.

"Marcus," María moaned. "We have to stop. Wasn't there something you wanted to tell Shawn?"

"Shane," I sighed and rolled my eyes.

She giggled as my father, Marcus, detached himself from her and nodded her head like a bobble head. "Sorry Shane."

Dad cleared his throat and smiled sheepishly down at María and then at me. "You're right darling. Sorry son, I just got a little carried a way." He winked down at María.

Yeah, I could tell.

I leaned back against the too-straight back chair and spread my legs in front of me. "It's cool. What did you want to tell me?"

"I'm pregnant!" María blurted out. Her brown eyes widened and she slapped her dainty hands over her mouth. "Whoops. I'm sorry Marky, I didn't mean to just blurt it out like that."

Dad just chuckled and kissed her on her cheek. Like blurting out that I was going to be a brother, again, was okay.

Hopefully the kid doesn't get it's mother's IQ.

"You're pregnant?" I cocked an eyebrow, making sure I heard what I heard. Hoping that María got pregnant mixed up with dying. I bit my tongue to hold in my laughter.

María nodded and looked up at my dad with loving eyes. Maybe they were in love, I didn't know. Love meant screaming at each other and throwing things out of anger for me. That just goes to show that my parent's divorce was not clean and easy.

I looked at my dad, the question on the tip of my tongue. Is it yours?

I knew I would get punched or worse if I asked that out loud.

"Congrats," I murmured and folded my arms across my chest. "Can we leave now?"

María glanced at my father, probably wondering why I wasn't jumping for joy for her fetus.

Well, María, seeing as you are a home wrecker, it's hard to feel anything but hatred for you and your child.

"Um," Dad hesitated and glanced at his watch.

I groaned, "spit it out." How bad could it be, I mean, I already had another kid sibling. What's next, are they going to adopt a child from Haiti?

"Well," Dad cleared his throat and threw an arm around María like he was protecting her from a monster. I guess I was the monster. "María is new to all this. Growing a family, getting married-"

"You're getting married again?!" I yelled.

Anger flashed in my father's eyes, but before he could lash at me, María giggled again. "Guess we forgot to tell you that part. Your father agreed to let you be the best man. And you're sister can be the flower girl!"