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Rosalie’s POV

We all waited in the clearing. Waiting, just waiting. Waiting for the Volturi. Waiting for our possible death, or for the girls’ clearing. Both the girls, Nessie and Izzy, were standing by Bella and Edward, their dogs not far away from them. Their revolting smell made me crinkle my nose in disgust. The girls looked to be about 10 years old now (A/N I don’t know how old they are supposed to look, so I just guessed). They were so beautiful. Even though both of them love their parents equally, I think that Izzy is closer to Edward and Nessie is closer to Bella. They make such a cute family.

I felt Emmett squeeze my hand. I looked up. The Volturi were coming. We were easily outnumbered, but not all of them would fight.  Sure, we didn’t have Alice, but we’ll make due. I wish she didn’t have to leave, but that was her choice and I’ve made mine. I will fight for the girls.

Aro stopped in front of us. Bella had her shield up so they couldn’t use Jane or Alec as an advantage. I was thankful for that.

We were all tense as we waited for Aro to speak.

Isabelle’s POV

Aro took a not needed breath. I already didn’t like him. He seemed power hungry. I’m going to spare you of the boring (to me) conversation that Aro had with the rest of us. It was basically Aro talking about how it was a terrible mistake for mom and dad to make immortal children and how there would be consequences, and grandpa explaining how Nessie and I aren’t immortal children. They turned around to discuss when dad called out to Aunt Alice to come out. I wanted to jump into her arms and hug her, but I knew this wasn’t the time. She had brought a boy with her. His name was Nahuel. Aunt Alice had explained how he was like Nessie and I then he explained his life style.  Aro seemed torn. He turned back to his little group and they began discussing. I looked around and saw everyone saying goodbyes. I felt tears prick at my eyes. What if they didn’t believe us?

I felt something wet touch my hand and looked down to see Seth there, in his wolf form, looking up at me with his chocolate brown puppy dog eyes. I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face into his fur, soaking up his warmth.

I love you Izzy. No matter what happens.  I heard him say in my head.

“I love you too Seth. We’re best friends, we’ll be together forever. Promise? ” I looked into his brown eyes.

Promise. I gave him another hug and stood by dad, clutching onto his hand. No words needed to be exchanged; we both knew what the other was thinking.

Aro lifted his hands and said, “We shall not fight today”. I could feel everyone let out a sigh in relief. Grandpa and Aro exchanged more words, but I wasn’t paying attention. I was in my own little world. No fighting.

I felt daddy lift me up and we were in a family group hug.

“Does this mean we get to stay here? Forever?” Nessie and I asked in unison. Dad chuckled and Mom seemed to pull us closer to her, if that was possible.

“Of course, forever.” I smiled, completely ecstatic right now. Nothing could ruin my mood. I was completely and utterly wrong.

I will have that child in my guard. How useful she would be. You will be mine. Isabelle Cullen.  I heard Aro’s voice in my head. My eyes grew wide. I turned to look at where Aro was, only to find that he wasn’t there anymore.

“Daddy?” I looked into his golden eyes. I knew he heard what I did. Concern flooded his eyes, as well as determination.

He won’t touch you. I promise you that. I laid my head on his chest and tried to forget what I heard. Maybe he would forget about me. If only…

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