100 Things (AND MORE!) To Do In The Hunger Games

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1. Win (duh?)

2. Put a sign on a tributes back saying "Eat Me Titus!!"

3. If you see Peeta run away screaming "AHH TRIBUTE MUTATIONS!!!!"

4. When someone is attacking you, point to the sky saying "OH MY GOSH!" and when they look up, RUN! 

5. Stop and smell the roses

6. Tell people that you aren't playing when they try and kill you

7. Go up to Prim and say "it's ok, maybe next year!"

8. Get lit on fire. But it's not real....

9. Ask Peeta's dad how much you would give him for a goose 

10. When someone dies, hang onto there body into the Hovercraft

11. Hit someone with a pebble and yell " I AM SMASHING YOUR SKULL!!!

12. Hungry Hungry Hippos anyone?

13. Use your weapons with your feet, not your hands

14. Kill 3 people in 2 hours

15. Fly through trees, like a boss

16. Burn bread and blame it all on Peeta.

17. Have a dance party. ohhhhh YAaa! 

18. Flowers always make things better...

19. Never forget the most powerful weapon... CAKE!!!!!

20. Ask your fellow ally if they want to play hop-scotch by the careers base

21. Run away from fireballs, like a boss

22. Have a epic gun showdown with the tributes from 10 

23. Have your district token be a cupcake. 

24. Ask Cesar Flickerman if he had to many blue berries today 

25. getting chased by alligators? Not a bit funny

26. Enjoy the pretty ants crawling into your eye!

27. Sing "Chariots of Fire" As you run away from things is epic slow motion! :D 

28. Take out your anger on fellow tributes

29. Come on! Dooon't be shy.. step of that golden circle

30. "We could run off, live in the woods" "We wouldn't make it five miles" "Dude, it took us 7 miles to get here!"

31. Glue money to the floor and when people try and pick them up, KILL THEM!

32. If someone kills a squirrel break into song and yell "IT'S THE SQUIRREL OF LIFEEEE" and run!

33. Make a hole and when someone falls in it,  yell "HAVE FUN IN WONDERLAND! 

34. Hum Mission Impossible as you chase a chicken, for the kill.

35. Ask your mentor for duck tape, Mythbusters proved it's a great survival tool.

36. Suggest that they should have only foam weapons and plastic food in the cornucopia. 

37. Update your facebook status "In the Hunger Games, having fun.... KNIFE! darn I'm deadddddd" 

38. Last words, " I had fun playing....."

39. Befriend the killer dog

40. Call Peeta a stalker and tell him it's not nice to watch people go home. 

41.  Ask your mentor for a wardrobe and when someone comes by, pull them in and yell, "WELCOME TO NARNIA!!"

42. Play dress up with Peeta

43. Be Effie for Halloween


45. have a battle in the forest and call it, Forest at Dawn

46. um..... Die? 

47. when 12 tributes are dead break into song singing "Living on a Prayer" by BonJovi "OHHH OHH WE'RE HALF WAY THERE OHH OH! LIVING ON A PRAYER!" 

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