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Leaving the cane street house was hard, even though I didn't live there long I had a lot of memories.

Every inch of that house reminded me of Luke, all the memories of us together and then him leaving me.

I don't blame him for wanting to go into the light, his life had never been perfect but he always did try to make everyone around him happy. I know it must of been hard to be in the house he was murdered in and then he didn't know if his sister was alive or if she was murdered too, and he couldn't even talk to anyone. He was all alone.

Maybe I was always meant to live in that house, we both needed someone and wanted to be loved.

I was actually glad when my aunt suggested moving, because the house was suffocating. Everywhere I looked I saw Luke or I thought I saw him, every time I heard a sound I thought maybe Luke was back or I dreamt the whole thing like maybe he didn't go into the light, sometimes I think I made him up completely that I'm crazy and I was so lonely I needed someone.

I wish I could see him one last time, to just see his smile or hear his laugh.

I do hope he was right I hope he is watching out for me, I talk to him all the time and hoping he'll respond but nothing just silence.

Luke wasn't the only reason I wanted to leave that house, that blood stain on the floor, where I killed miss Watson. I killed her. I know she was a terrible person and was going to kill me but it's still hard to live with.

I had never had friends until I moved here and met Mary and Eli, I do consider them my best friends. I miss them like crazy.

I know we could of just moved to a different house and I could of kept going to school with them but I needed a break from that town from everything, I guess you can never have to many fresh starts......

Lucy checks up on me from time to time to make sure I'm okay, I know this had to be hard on her to lose Luke for a second time.

I did decide to embrace my gift or whatever this is called, I really don't have any choice if I'm being honest. It does feel good though to help someone.

I have helped a couple of ghost move on but it still really weird.

Me and aunt Lora decided to move to hollyville, it sounds like a nice town.

Aunt Lora is still getting used to the whole ghost thing but I don't blame her for not understanding I mean I don't even understand.

I've already excepted I'm never going to be normal and like other girls, but I'm okay with that. I just want to be me who ever that is.

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