Dream come true

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  • Dedicated to Yasmine Ali


When the first time I met you

I felt like you are so damn good to be true

But baby you

Really are my dream come true …

When we came closer

Everything just kept on getting better

I can’t tell you how much happy you make me

When you look in my eyes and say you love me

You’ve always read me so perfectly

You said the words I couldn’t say clearly

You touched my heart with your simplicity

Your heart is made of love and beauty

So many times I’ve really felt like

You are just too good to be true

But baby you

Really are my dream come true

I had given up on love and life

You came and showed me the way to survive

You really saved me

You’ve made me happy more than I ever could be

Dreams aren’t always such a smooth ride

We’ve faced our storms, also fought and cried

But at the end of every day

Side by side we lay

No matter how many days

No matter how many nights

No matter how many tear I shed for you

Baby you are my dream come true.

I always and forever love you.

Dedicated to the love of my life, Yasmine Ali , You really are my dream come true my angel, i always love you <3

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