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I watched as my heart fell

I felt the pain as it shattered

I saw all the memories reflecting back

I crumpled under the pressure

Neither of us wanting to leave

And neither of us could stay

I tasted your last kiss every night

I remember your heart beating next to mine

The touch of your hand moving my hair

Your seant haunting my dreams

The memory of you drying my tears

How you treated me better than any other

Deep down I ached knowing it was the end

That last hug wanting to drink you in and push you away.

I hear the promise that you will stay

Remembering as I said you should leave

Why did you listen why did you agree

I can't put the pieces back

You weren't my first, or last love

But you're the love I'll always remember

The one that took that irreplaceable piece

The one I'll never forget and always want

The one I'll love till the end and keep secretly in my heart

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