Chapter 1

They Don’t Believe In Us

“Gerard, Gerard Way.” He said, I never imagined that would be his name, It suited him though.

“Well, I’m Hope Brown, I have to show you around, stupid Mr Burkett.” I nodded my head slightly in the teacher’s direction. Smiling so that he knew I had nothing against him. He just nodded slightly, he really should talk more, or else this is going to be awkward.

“I like your top, Iron Maiden” I smiled at him; he just nodded his head in appreciation showing he understood. I blushed and laughed nervously. If only I could see his proper smile. Bet it would be as cool as his name.

“We have drama first; I have to show you around…” Once again he just nodded and we relapsed into silence. My cheeks reddened just thinking about having to show a boy around, who never talks. These will be the most awkward days of my life. Prepare for lots of my blushing.

The bell went off signalling the end of relaxing tutor time. I packed my iPod away slowly. Emily waved me goodbye and headed off to drama too. Damn her! She knew I had to show Gerard around. Why is she leaving me alone with him? Too awkward!

“Where do we go, Hope?” He used my name, I was too distracted about that to realise he had asked a question.

“Err… Follow me, its fine. Soon you will know the school like the back off your hand” I smiled warmly, hitching my bag onto my shoulder and walking out of the room. I noticed Mr Burkett smiling proudly at me. Glancing behind me to find Gerard following me, I waited at the door. He caught up and we walked side by side

“What’s your favourite subject?” I questioned to break the awkward silence.

“Art” He replied quickly, I nodded thoughtfully, I loved art too.

“Uhm, do you like drama? Performing?” I asked, I would probably have to pair up with him because nobody else knew him. I pushed open the drama door, warm air sweeping over me like a blanket.

“Thanks” He nodded his head, showing me gratitude. He still hadn’t answered my question.


“Oh, yeah drama is okay… as long as I’m not Peter Pan” I swear I heard him murmur, I burst out in a fit of giggles, imagine Gerard as Peter Pan!

“What?” He was slightly red, he knows I heard him.

“… Peter Pan” I laughed at him, sticking out my tongue. Then I suddenly turned around and blushed, I can’t get too close to him.

“Hey! It was my grandma… she made me the costume and everything” He sighed and I wondered if his grandma was not with us anymore, he seemed very fond of her. Even the tone he said it didn’t sound like he was annoyed, he was reminiscing an embarrassing old memory. 

I laughed once again; we had reached the drama room. The bright lights pierced my eyes, making me shuffle uncomfortably. The room smelt of cheesy feet and it was hot and sweaty. Good old drama for you!

We settled down, with shoes off, on a big platform at the rear end of the room. Lots of complicated drama equipment was pushed to the side of the room, leaving a big open space for our drama groups. Mrs Cherry, our drama teacher explained that we would be doing James Bond role play with one partner. I had to be with Gerard. I liked Mrs Cherry, but James Bond! Come on, we had to be rolling around acting like spy’s now. How embarrassing. Emily came running up to me.

“Hope! Come on” She was a bundle full of hyperactive energy.