15th January 2009

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Dear Diary,

I couldn't find you at all for the past few days. I searched everywhere. You weren't there. So I just stayed in my room because I was sad. Then when Mummy came inside my room, she gave me my diary and beat me. She said she read everything I wrote. She said she loved me and that Ava and Camila were bad people who wanted to separate me from my family. But Ava and Camila are good people. They didn't do anything bad! Why is my whole life so weird?

Anyway, It's recess in school now. So I'm writing. I don't see Ava or Camila anywhere. So I'm going to look for them. I'll be right back and tell you what I find.


I'm back...I saw red goo everywhere. It's really creepy. By the way, I'm in the school field. Oh, wait. I see two people by the tree. It might be my friends!
I'm going closer to the tree now. I'm very scared. Oh, Ava and Camila are leaning on the tree. There's red goo everywhere. Their eyes are closed. And I'm going to wake them up.


I tried waking them up, but they are stubborn. They won't move. But-what if they are...dead? Will they come back? Have they become like Nick? I finally understand now! All my friends are dead. I'm crying. This is so sad. I'm going to tell Mummy. Maybe she can give me a hug. Or maybe she can bring them back. :(

Evelyn Sapphire.

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