Megan’s P.O.V.

                I felt like the spotlight on me along with 10,000 pair of eyes. I started to play with my necklace with the ring on it. I finally looked up to the stage and locked eyes with Harry and felt something that I’d only felt once before. And promised I’d never feel again.

                As I neared the stage the more nervous I felt. Wondering what the boys would think of me. I know I shouldn’t because I don’t even love them, but I felt extremely self-conscious right now. I just focused on not tripping up the stairs because I think I would have to go home and die if that happened.

                I reached the stool set out in the middle of the stage and sat down as Harry neared me with the mike.

                “Hey beautiful, what’s your name?” He asked pointing the mike towards me.

                “Megan. Megan Clark,” I said trying to sound as confident as possible even though on the inside I wanted to run off the stage never to be seen again.

                “Well, Megan we are going to sing you a little song, I hope you like it.” He said now walking towards the front of the stage.

                I heard the music start and immediately started to die on the inside, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. Me and Kyle’s song.

                You’re insecure

                Don’t know what for

                Your turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or

                I thought of all the times he sang it to me and felt the tears well up in my eyes. Why this song? Why me? Why today of all days? I felt a tear slip down the side of my face and wiped it away. I looked up and saw Harry looking at me worriedly, but I just looked away.

                Throughout the rest of the songs memories of us together and him singing it to me filled my mind. I kept my hand wrapped around the ring on the chain around my neck as it was my only reminder of him.

                After what seemed like ages I was allowed to leave the stage as the song was over. My face was probably bloated and mascara stained, but I didn’t care. As soon as I reached my seat Melissa wrapped her arms around me and let me cry into her shoulder.

                “Oh honey. I’m so sorry I made you go up there… but on the brightside we get to meet the boys after the concert!” She squealed in delight. I chuckled softly at her giddiness. She always knows how to lighten the mood.

                After the concert we waited for the stadium to empty out and then used the backstage passes they gave us and headed backstage to meet the boys. Me trudging back there and Melissa literally skipping she was so happy. I really did not want to meet them after that whole crying fit on stage.

                “Hey boys! I’m Melissa and this is my best friend Megan! I’m a huge fan and all, so I’m super-duper excited to get to know y’all!” Melissa pronounced as she walked up them and hugged them all, as I stood in the background playing with my necklace. I looked at their faces as she hugged them all and giggled. They all looked afraid of her. I guess they’re not used to meeting girls as confident as she was.

                “Nice to meet you Melissa and Megan. Do ya want to sit down and talk a little bit?” Liam asks.

                “Sure why not!” Melissa answers for me.

                After about five minutes Melissa dominating the conversation I got bored and pulled out my phone. I flipped through the apps and accidentally clicked on the photo app. I clicked on the first picture and it was of Kyle and I at the beach smiling not knowing our days together were limited. Almost all the photos were of him and I. And although I know it wasn’t good for me I couldn’t help but continue to flip through the pictures. I felt tears start to prick up in my eyes, but I quickly pushed them away and slipped my phone back in my pocket.

                I looked up and saw Melissa walking away. To the bathroom I’m guessing? And all five of the boys looking at me.

                “May I help you?” I asked feeling uncomfortable wondering if they saw my almost tears.

                “Well we were wondering after your tears on stage and you looking quite sad right now if you were alright?” Niall asked looking concerned. Actually surprisingly they all looked concerned.

                “It’s nothing,” I answered quickly. Actually a little too quickly judging upon the look of doubt written on all of their faces.

                “You can trust us you know.” Louis said, “I know we haven’t known each other long, but that’s almost better because now you don’t have to worry about our judgment changing about you. Because we don’t have one yet.”

                “But now you might base your opinion on me about this whole thing,” I explained.

                “But we won’t,” Zayn said, “You can trust us. You look like you need someone to talk to.”

                I haven’t really talked to anyone about how I feel and today of all days I do need someone to talk to. But I also don’t want to break down in front of them and have them think I’m a freak…

                “Ok. I’ll tell you.”

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