Lost Cause

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 All Chapters are unedited. I am dyslexic so there will be mistakes.


I never thought I would ever hear my captors screaming in fear. For seven years I had heard them be nothing more than perfectly calm. The only time their voices rose in excitement was when they crossed a new frontiers in their discoveries. Frontiers meaning a new and appalling form of torture resulting in death for one of us werewolf captives. Yet now, their voices was filled with anxiety and fear. The chaotic haste could be heard several floors below, right into the cells we were in.

“Wipe the computers and grab the back up hard drives! Hurry we don’t have much time left!” Screamed one of the assistants, their voice muffled through the walls. 

I wondered who was coming. Was it more hunters? Or maybe the government.There was so many groups that would love to get their hands on a research facility of werewolves. The chance of it being a rescue mission was slim to none.  

I tried to lift my head up but couldn’t. This morning’s test had been really bad, one of the worst. Doctor Anderson had drain some fuild surrounding my brain trying to see how it would affect functioning. It felt like someone had place my head between a wall and forced a car to smash into it. For an hour I had convulsions and all the did was watch me. No one helped. I shouldn’t have been surprised though. After all seven years in captivity should have taught me other wise. Still they always managed to amaze me with the new torture methods they classified as research.

I wanted to stand up to scream for help, but couldn’t. All I could do was muster enough strength to lift my hand up off the ground. 

“Kill the prisoners! Quick before they break through the walls. If they reached the cells then they will have more wolves to help them fight!” Yelled one of the researchers.I guess the guys breaking in was saviors. I felt hope fill my heart, a feeling that had died years ago. 

My cell door was pushed open, causing me to squint from the light that blasted into my room. It was Carl, one of the cruelest guards. He stood, his frame outlined in the light from the hallway. I was able to outwit all the others but him. He was the only one who found my breaking points and relished in destroying them each chance he got. The researchers called upon him frequently when they couldn’t get the desired reaction from me. Sometimes it took Carl minutes other times hours. No matter how long, he left winning. Unlike the other guards, he liked using a whip. One laced with Silver. Each time he succeeded he would grab a knife and mark my arm, tallying off his victories. One hundred and ninety one times. For the first time though it looked like he would kill me. He raised his gun and pointed it at me.This was it. The end was finally here. Strange. For years I had wished for death. Now that it was here I didn’t want it. I wanted the freedom that was breaking down the walls.

“Please, don’t.” I whispered, begging to live.

“Long shot cupcake!” He snickered cocking the gun.

I closed my eyes and thought of home. If I was going out, my last image would not be of Carl. No, it would be of a time when I was happy. When the world was untainted and when I had a life of promise. I thought of my mother and my sister. I thought of Max. 

Suddenly I heard a crash. Screams of terror mixed with snarling and gnashing. I opened up my eyes to see a massive black wolf ripping Carl’s throat out.

The sight of such a strong powerful wolf left me stunned. For years I had only seen weak and skinny wolves, deteriorated due to incarceration. Here was one who could fight. He could protect me! I tried to rise to run and stand behind him but stumbled as my legs gave out. Crashing to the floor, I began to pass out.

“No! Not now!” I thought inwardly to myself as the familiar darkness pulled at my mind. I saw the wolf turn to look at me. He shifted and grabbed me before my head hit the ground.  I couldn’t help but noticed just how much he looked like Alec, one of the pack members I grew up with. 

“Bri? Brianna is that you?” Said the voice. 

“No. I stopped being Brianna seven years ago.” I slurred, my words blurring into one as my eyes closed. Darkness shrouded me.  This time I let it happen, not fighting it in fear. For the first time in seven years, I was finally safe. I would be returning home.


I made sure that Brianna was safely laying on the seat in the van. When I took down that guard I never thought the wolf I was saving was her. I wouldn’t have even recognized her if it wasn’t for her unique eyes. Brianna had a birth mark in her eye, making one seem darker than the other.

“It can’t be her!” Said Ross, one of the defense wolves on our pack. He was a large guy. His bulky frame was matched only by his fierce fighting skills. Many thought he was a dumb lug but were quickly outmatched by his wit and brains. There was a reason why he held one of the highest positions in our pack.

“It’s her man. I barely recognized her myself, but she has the exact same eyes”.

“I can’t believe we found her! We all thought she was dead. Hell, they even had a funeral for her!” He replied shaking his head in disbelief.

“I know. Her family is going to be in shock when they find out she is alive. I don’t know for how long though. Her head injury seems pretty bad. What did they do to her?” I replied in shock. Her face was pale, more so than the other captive wolves. I could tell that it was her body trying to conserve energy. The ashy pallor of her skin amplified the two holes that was on her forehead. It looked like they had attached a halo of some kind to her skull. Most likely something to do with the bandaged patch on her head. I wondered if it was to help or kill her.

“I don’t know Alec. Whatever it was, she must be a tough girl to have survived it. Not many wolves survive seven years locked up. The most I have heard a wolf last was three years.” He replied.

“Yeah. She must be some kind of fighter.” I said, pulling another blanket over her.

“Alec, what is going to happen when she hears about Max?” Said Ross, his face paling in thought.

“Crap. What is she coming back to?” I replied back, my heart filled with sympathy. I wondered if the life she was going back to would be harder than the one we had just freed her from.