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• Very boyish.

• He's not fat or skinny. Just in between. (Eats a lot, but also goes to the gym).

• Drinks ketchup in front of France to annoy him.

• Calls France "Mom" to annoy both him and England. And if that doesn't work he'll call him "England's bitch" instead.

• Can talk about absolutely nothing for 10 minutes.

•Full name is Alfred Frederick Jones

• When he was little, he thought the "F" in his name stood for "Fucking" since that's what England would call him when he got in trouble.

"Alfred, fucking, Jones!"

• Asks the stupidest questions but somehow makes them sound smart.

"Why is there no 'w' in 'one', but there is a 'w' in 'two' and we don't use it?"

• One of his favorite music genres is country music.

• The only porn America watches is food porn.

• Americas life motto is "The only thing to fear is giant radioactive spiders".

• When the president isn't at the White House, he hosts sleepovers in the Oval Office.

• Wears flower crowns.

• Wants to get a tattoo,  but doesn't who what he should get.

• The biggest Star Wars fan you'll ever meet.

• Can eat 30 burgers a day.

• No coffee? He won't get out of bed.

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