LXV- Dealing With The Revelations

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How amazing is this cover by @mxphoenix ? I love it, thank you so much !☺️


Greyson leaned against the door to Indianna's room and sighed.

"It's been two days," Brooke whispered. "She hasn't moved."

"She's going to make herself ill," Greyson scowled. "She's ignoring everyone."

"I get that she's in shock, but she needs to do something, not just sit there."

"Alpha, you're needed."

Greyson looked at one of his pack members as they approached him and he nodded. "Brooklyn, tell me if anything changes."


When Greyson returned later in the day Laura was sitting on Indianna's bed, trying to get a response from her.

*Sugar?* Greyson said. *This is getting ridiculous now, answer me.*

"Honey," Laura said softly. "You're worrying everyone. Please say something." Laura reached forward to take Indianna's hand, but she remained silent, staring ahead into thin air. "Greyson," Laura sighed and looked to her son. "She's not eaten in two days, someone needs to do something, or we will have to get Doc involved."

"Leave us," Greyson said. "I'll try and get something from her."

Laura nodded and stood from the bed. She squeezed her sons arm as she walked past him and wished him luck. Greyson walked into Indianna's room and shut the door behind him. He slowly made his way over to the bed and sat next to his mate.

"Sugar," he said and placed his hand on Indianna's knee that was pulled up to her chest. He felt her stiffen and knew that she could feel the sparks. "Answer me."

Indianna was silent.

"Indianna, answer me!" Greyson snapped. "You're freaking me out! Please say something!"

Indianna slowly reached out and linked her fingers with Greyson's, but she remained silent. Greyson tried to get into Indianna's head, but her mind was blocked off.

"Indie, we need to get you changed out of those clothes, get you clean and fresh," Greyson said and rose from the bed. He walked into the bathroom and turned on the bath. He returned to Indianna and sat next to her again. "After that we're getting you some food."

Indianna's eyes flickered to Greyson and she gulped. *I'm scared.*

Greyson nearly cried out in relief when he heard Indianna's voice for the first time in two days. "I know you are, but I won't let anything happen to you, sugar."

Indianna let Greyson into her head and his heart broke when he felt everything she was feeling. She was shocked, horrified and scared.

Rogue was her brother.

"Come on," Greyson sighed and easily picked Indianna up. He walked into the bathroom and set Indianna gently on the floor. "Help me, Indie," Greyson murmured started to unbutton the shirt that Indianna was wearing, it was one of Greyson's.

When the shirt was unbuttoned Greyson tugged it down Indianna's arms and it dropped to the floor. Indianna slowly stepped out of her leggings and once she was naked she stepped into the warm bath. She sighed softly as she sank into the warm water and she closed her eyes.

"Talk to me, sugar," Greyson said as he crouched down next to the bath. "Please."

"What do you want me to say?" Indianna whispered. "That my brother not only killed our father, he's attacked me twice, his sister! He's raped Brooke twice and kidnapped her! He's killed Cassie and sent me pieces of her fucking body-"

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