I Am Fine

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"I love you."

~ ~ ~

Colby's POV

"You–you what?" I stutter. Savannah chuckled lightly. I my small smile started to form and it got wider and wider.

"I said I love you, Colby Brock." Savannah exclaimed between giggles.

"Savannah, I–I love you too." I replied. Her laughing died down and her lips held a permanent smile. Her cheeks started to turn red in a blush.

"Savannah, you have no idea how long I've wanted to tell you that." I exclaimed chuckling. Savannah nodded her head slowly. She looked really tired.

"Are you okay?" I asked sitting down in the seat next to her bed. I grabbed her hand in mine and gently kissed the top of it.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She replied. "Okay. You should get some rest though." Savannah nodded her head and scooted forward so she could lay back down.

I can't believe she said she loved me.


Don't worry this is only a filler chapter!

The next chapter is going to be huge so get ready!


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