Teasing pleasure

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           As he came back home from work, it was officially the weekend, and what better way to surprise him than to wear almost nothing, as soon as he opens the door to our house.

           He opens the door, sweating and a bit sore from his track running practice.
Meanwhile I'm standing there in nothing but a bra, red panties and an oversized shirt barely over my knees, he looks up at me, pleased with a smirk on his face.
         I run to him  and throw my arms around his neck, and kiss him, he groans in a bit of pain, his body was sore from practice, 'sorry..' I said.

'Don't worry you'll make it up to me later...' he said as he kissed me and went to take a shower.

I heard the water running as he stepped into the large bath tub, him completely relaxing as he tilted his head back and soaked in the water, I walked into the bathroom and he looked up at me, 'what are you doing?' He asked and I said 'nothing just relax' I stripped my self of my bra and was left in panties and his oversized shirt, I got into the tub and sat a across from him, my boobs were showing, as the water soaked through the shirt, his eyes never left my boobs, as wet as they could get in the water, turned on, I inches closer to him and I started circling his chest with my fingers, which I could tell was turning him on, seeing as his big dick was getting hard, which turned me on, he slowly moaned as my fingers were making their way down to his dick, I gently grabbed it, which made him moan even more, I was turned on by that deep sexy moan of his.

          I went across from him still touching his dick with the tips of my fingers, as I started moving my hand up and down his hard on, he groaned a bit louder, he was obviously enjoying this.
          I teased as I wanted him to beg, 'please Baby please'  i tighten my hold on his dick, which was getting harder and harder, 'Baby, please faster'  and with that I put his dick in my mouth and sucked on it until I removed it from my mouth and I kept moving my hand up and down, as I lick the tip of his dick, I put his dick back in my mouth as I suck on it hard, he eventually cums in my mouth, and I swallow, and sit on top of him and kiss him.

         I get off of him and leave him to shower, even though it was just a blowjob, I felt like we weren't done yet, I took of the shirt and was now only in my panties, I got into the bed and waited there for him, a minute later he comes out with his dark black hair, with water dripping from its tips.

        with a towel wrapped around his waist, he sees me in bed, he takes off the towel revealing his naked wet body to me.

          I keep looking at him as he comes on top of me on the bed, 'that little scene in the shower.........was amazing, but now it's my turn to make you beg...' he whispered in my ear as he gently bit at my earlobe, making me bite my lips and close my eyes as his warm deep breath sent shivers to my entire body, he kissed my lips and as he pulls away he gently bites my bottom lip, making me want more, he holds down my arms and to hold me in place, he kisses my body from the top, making his way to my stomach, as my moans get louder and louder, I cannot contain my excitement any longer 'Baby please' as I say those words I feel him kissing lower and lower.

         he rips of my panties off which were probably soaking wet, he spreads open my legs and I can feel his warm breath onto my wet pussy, 'your so wet for me baby' as he says that I can feel as his hard on enter me, an I arch my back, as I am filled with satisfaction of him being inside me, I pull at the bed sheets as I moan louder, the neighbors could probably hear us yet I didn't care, I scream with pleasure, my eyes are closed as I pull at the sheets, he groans with pleasure as my pussy contracts making my hold on his dick tighter, after he cums inside of me. I try to catch my breath until he licks my pussy clean.

After that, we cuddled up to each other naked, and fell asleep, with our hearts still beating at a fast pace.


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