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Today's the day I get to find out what I'm having and I couldn't be more excited either

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Today's the day I get to find out what I'm having and I couldn't be more excited either. I'm officially in my second trimester and it's just amazing I think I'm gonna cry right now just thinking about it. This is just so exciting for me I'm really gonna be a mommy. There's gonna be a little Alexis or Ace in this world man it's just .... I don't know I can't even explain the feeling I have. I know I didn't plan to be a mother this soon and I had my doubts, but that's all out the window now. Once I seen my first sonogram my heart was filled with so much joy and happiness.

I'm also glad to have Ace in my life and as the father of my child I just know he's gonna make the best daddy in the world. We'll both make great parents and I just can't wait to see how this plays out. Right now I would say our relationship is ... Well I don't know to be honest. I think we're back together, but we never really talked about it.

However, we all know how Ace is over me and I get that, but I plan on having a conversation with him later about everything. I think it'll be good to be together especially for the baby, but first we just gotta talk about a few things. I'm sure it'll go just fine we don't have time for the petty arguments anymore. We're about to be parents like somebody is actually gonna call us mama and daddy now it doesn't get any better then that if you ask me. This is such a real feeling.

''You nervous?'' I asked Ace sitting on the bed waiting for Dr. Jackie.

''Nervous? Nah more like excited to finally show you it's a boy.'' He said laughing a little.

''Awww I really want a girl though Ace. I hope it's a girl ... Please let it be a girl.'' I said crossing my fingers and pouting some.

Ace shook his head. ''It's a boy we can always try to have a girl next time though.'' He said with a smirk.

''Next time?'' I said raising a brow.


''I don't think so baby boy Alexis won't be having anymore kids any time soon.'' I said. Don't get me wrong I was happy to be having this baby, but y'all gotta understand I'm still young and I want to accomplish so many things. Having another baby just wouldn't be the move honestly I don't even know how I'm gonna do it with this baby, but I'll get through it. I have Ace. This doesn't mean I don't wanna have anymore of his kids just not right now. Maybe 6-7 years from now or something it may seem long ,but that's what I want. Ace might not like it, but oh well me and my future birth control will beg the differ. This time I'm gonna be more cautious because his ass will probably try to knock me up on purpose again.

''You say that now, but when it's good it's good you know that off top.'' He said causing me to laugh.

''Yeah Ace I know that knowing you you'd probably get me pregnant on purpose even though I told you I don't want anymore kids right now.'' I said shaking my head.

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