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Promoting our books and getting it out there on wattpad is one of the main struggles we face as writers. Waiting endless nights for the small little zeros beside the eye and voting icon to just pop into an small one. Acknowledging us that someone that we don't know stumbled across it.

But as the campaign's goal (which is to help struggling authors) is stated, we have put the same reference here. But. There always has to be a but. We've put some ground rules out there that you will have to respect and obey in order to have your book prompted here.

1. You have to follow this account.

2. You have to dedicate a chapter from the book(s) you have told us to promote.

3. Your book must have at least 5 chapters.

4. Your book must have the tag #ProjectUndiscovered.

5. And we expect you comment the information as the following below at 'Comment here'.

Book Title
Number of chapters
Short description

Comment here

If we put a tick as a reply to your comment, it means that we have accepted it and will post the details up soon. After a week, we will delete your comment as it is much convenient for us to differentiate which book has been promoted and not.

~ Rhea, Head Admin Of Project Undiscovered

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