Never Forgiven

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We are at the drive-in movies. We are watching some dumb movie, but on the other screen there is this R-rated cartoon, "Shame of the Jungle". It is pretty funny. Then, he starts to feel my tits.

"No! You can't do that!"

"I love you. Just let me a little. Please."

He makes me feel sorry for him. I let him. I hate it. Try to pretend it's the boy you like at school. Or David Bowie. It doesn't work. Oh no. Now he's going down there.


But he doesn't stop. He covers my legs up with a blanket and fingers me. I hate you. I hate how this feels. Just say no. You read about this. You never thought it could happen to you. It's not really happening now.

We are home. I feel guilty when I see my mom. I'm in bed. I feel horrible. I can't cry. He comes in. He wants to do it again.

"No! No! No!"

I start to cry. I can't stop. He leaves. I'll never let it happen again. I'll never go anywhere alone with him.

"C'mon, let's go to the desert. You can wear your new clothes and we'll take pictures."



"No. I have to write this story for school."

"Your mom'll do it"

"No. I don't want to."

"You're going anyway. Your mom wants some good pictures of you.

I'm going. How? I just won't sit close to him. I''l crush myself against the door. Maybe, it will open and I'll fall out and die.

We go to the usual spot where the family usually goes. He seems like his old self. Maybe it never really happened. He takes a lot of pictures. I feel like a model. He even lets me drive the car.

"I want to go home. I have to do that story."

"All right, last picture. Take your clothes off."


"I said, "take your clothes off"."

I take them off and he takes the picture. I put them on as fast as I can.

We are driving home. We are almost out of the desert. Nothing is going to happen. He's not...

"Why are you stopping? No! I don't want to."

"I want to be your first. I'll be gentle. I won't be like a guy your age who'll hurt you."

"No. No. No."

"All right, I won't fuck you if you're not ready. But, if you have to, promise that I'll be the first.


"Well, just talking about it has made me horny. Let me feel you again."

He starts to take my pants off.


He doesn't stop. I start to cry, but I help him. I want to get it over with. He feels me all over, then he licks my crotch. No. No. No. Then, he rubs his dick on me. No! Then, he cums all over me. No! I get dressed and he drives us home.

I hate you! I hate you! I HATE YOU DAD!

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