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Greetings, Milords and Ladies!

This Book, 'The Robber Knight', has just been published as 'The Robber Knight - Special Edition', containing several additional chapters exploring Sir Reuben's mysterious past. If you'd like to  get a peep at how Reuben turned from a young knight into a devious robber, and what makes him such a fearsome fighter, you can buy 'The Robber Knight - Special Edition' at Amazon (as paperback or Kindle eBook) or Smashwords (as eBook for all other devices).


For now, I've decided to leave this story on wattpad even though it has been published, because there are a lot of people out there who can't really afford books, and I wouldn't want to take this story away from them.

But if you possibly can, please support me in my dream of becoming a professional full-time writer! If I can achieve that, I'll have more time for writing and could write twice as many stories as I do right now. Even if you can't afford the Special Edition, you can still support me by leaving a review for my book on Amazon, Goodreads or Smashwords. Constructive criticism is just as welcome as praise! :)

Thank you for your support! :)

Now... to the sequel to 'The Robber Knight'. Yes, there IS be a sequel, and It picks up the story right where 'The Robber Knight' left of:

Will Ayla forgive Reuben? Will they survive? Will Reuben reveal more of his secret? And finally... what will happen when the Robber Knight, now fully healed, gets into action?

All these questions shall be answered in 'The Robber Knight's Love', book 2 of the series, which, I am proud to announce, is already up and running here on wattpad. Just enter the title in the wattpad search box, or click on the external link to reach the story.

On the right you can see the cover of the sequel. How do you like it?

Now that I have delivered this momentous announcement, I will delve back into my dusty castle library to research for my medieval stories, because I plan on bringing in more of the authentic middle-ages into this tale! I hope you will enjoy it. If you want to always receive the latest news of my stories, you can follow me on twitter / Facebook / tumblr or here on wattpad. Or you can just wait for my official herald to arrive with a trumpet and a scroll of parchment in his hand... ;)

Your faithful medieval storyteller

Sir Rob

P.S: Readers of WANTED do not be too disappointed. For although there shall be no sequel, I have taken your criticisms to heart, and improved the ending.

P.P.S: If this were a modern book, I would now start a copyright warning. Of course, this book is protected by copyright. But since it is a medieval volume, it is also protected by something far more powerful.

As all proper medieval books, this volume will contain a book curse. In medieval times, scribes used to put such curses at the end of the book that detailed what horrible things would happen to somebody if he stole this book. Of course, they were talking about the actual physical object of the book, not the text, since there was no such thing as copyright. But I thought I could modify a medieval book curse for my needs.

So, here it is. Be prepared! Shiver before the awesome, evil power of my book curse:

If anyone violateth the ancient law of copyright and stealeth this book,

Let the book change into a Serpent in his hand and bite him with poisoned fangs.

Let him be struck with Palsy, and Members blasted.

Let him languish in Pain crying aloud for Mercy,

Let there be no Surcease to his Agony till he sink to Dissolution.

Let Bookworms gnaw his Entrails,

Let green boils sprout on his nose,

and little devils tweak his ass with iron tongs for eternity.

So shall it be.

So, if you see anybody with green boils on their nose who is holding his derriere and complaining about worms in his stomach, you know what the fiend did! Bring him to my castle so that he can be put in the stocks immediately ;)

And if anybody would like to add their own book curse in the comment section, go ahead. The more horrible things happen to my enemies, the better ;D ;D

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