Chapter 3

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In the morning Mike jumped out of bed and headed downstairs to see the boy, El, playing with his walkie talkie. He walked up to him and El looked up quickly. He put his hand up quick.

"Woah! I'm not going to hurt you it's okay." Mike said with a smile and crouched down and looked at the boy. "You like that?" He said and pointed at the walkie talkie. All the boy did was nod his head and smiled slightly. "I talk to my friend on that, mostly Lucas, but still." He said and took it from him. "Lucas, do you copy?" He waited and then Lucas replied and the boy looked at him quickly. Almost like he was surprised. Mike laughed slightly with a little smile.

"So, I have an idea so you're going to go out the back door and then go around to the front door. Knock on it and when my mom comes to the door say you're lost or something, okay?" Mike said to the boy and looked at him.

"No." The boy said and looked up at Mike almost glaring at him. Mike felt a little bit uneasy. He didn't know what to say back to this boy.

"No?" Mike paused. "You're in trouble aren't you, what would happen if my mom knew?" Mike asked him. The boy looked at him and put his fingers into a gun and then pointed it at Mike. With that Mike knew what would happen.

"Okay, stay here. I'll be back soon." He said and turned running up stairs so pretend like he was getting ready for school. He grabbed his bike and hid behind some bushes while his mom went out and drove to work. When he saw his mother turn the corner out of view he went to the back door that lead to the basement. The boy was still sitting in the fort.

"Hey, come upstairs I'll show you some stuff." He said motioning to the stairs the boy following. The boy went right up to the tv.

"That's my TV, it's way bigger than Dustins." Mike said and smiled at his prized tv.

Eleven just turned to the pictures and found the one of Mikes older sister Nancy. "Pretty." He said and smiled at the picture.

"Yeah, sure I guess." He said kinda looking confused at the boy.

Eleven turned and approached the chair. It looked interesting to him.

"That's my dads lazy boy, it's really fun let me show you." Mike said and patted on the seat. "You have to trust me and sit down." Eleven sat down and he looked at Mike. "Are you ready?" He asked him with a small smile. The boy nodded his head and with that Mike pulled the lever and the chair flew back. The boy laughed which made Mike laugh.

"Okay, know you try it." He said and took a step back from the chair. The boy took a little while to find the lever and then pulled it. The chair made him laugh again. It wasn't going to be so bad having this boy around. It might actually be a little fun.

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