Chapter Sixty-Three

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"Nearly seven thirty," David said when he Maria and Bethia had finished cleaning and sanitising the equipment and had rinsed the empty barrels and fumigated them with sulphur candles.

"We'll do another sulphur treatment before we use them in October," Bethia said as she tapped the final bung into place. "It's easy for wine to be tainted, but so simple to prevent it. Come, let's see if Rachel and Greta have dinner ready."

As they walked toward the house, David asked, "How long will the labelling take us tomorrow?"

"There's no need to do it now. It can be done in slow time; there's no rush at all for it." Bethia laughed. "Besides, there's no confusing them. They're the only unlabelled ones; one red and one white. You two just enjoy yourselves tomorrow."

They sat for a while talking in the parlour after dinner, then David said, "We have things to do before I leave." He stood and took Maria's hand to help her up. "We'll see you in the morning."

Upstairs, they lay under the light duvet, slowly shifting their hips, caressing each other and talking. "Strange, that. Greta finding the routine relaxing and soothing," David said. "Our minds differ so much. Simple things please her. Franz likely saw that from the beginning and gradually found ways to use it to his advantage. I wonder if he ever had any love for her."

"They had two children, so they must have done this."

"He likely didn't want children, just the fucking. Did it for his own gratification, leaving Greta with the burden. But we're doing this to share our love, not to create children. Children can be created with loveless fucking. Probably often are, and the children suffer."

"He abused the children, and he abused her. Doesn't sound like love to me. More selfishness. Speaking of selfish, I'm getting close again, and I want to concentrate on another."

"Let's do this one together. It must be past midnight, and we need some sleep." He reached down and pulled his skin.

"Hurry... Almost there..." She stiffened, then shuddered as the waves overtook her body, then she sighed as she enjoyed him pulsating deep inside. "Oh, God... Better each time."

They lay caressing for a long while before he said, "I should pull out and clean. We need some sleep."

"You feel so wonderful in here. Could we remain connected as we sleep?"

"We could do that." They entwined their limbs and were soon asleep.

The sun through the sheers woke him, and he smiled when he felt her around him as she rocked her hips and murmured, "Did you know you swell and stiffen and throb while you sleep?"

"How do you mean?"

She rocked her hips again. "This. It's not just your morning pee hard. You woke me five times through the night as you swelled and throbbed inside me. My God, you throb so deeply in your sleep, and it felt so delightful. You were probably dreaming of all the beautiful girls you'll meet while you're in England." She giggled.

"I have no need to dream of others. You're far beyond dreams. So I was up five times?"

"This is the sixth. I'd really love to use it. You kept arousing me through the night, and I'm still hot, but more desperate for a pee."

After they had peed and cleaned themselves with the bidet, they went back to the bed and reconnected. "So six times? I wonder if that's normal."

She laughed. "Maybe it is with you. But from what we've seen, you're very far from normal in so many ways." She shifted her hips and shuddered. "I love your abnormality."

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