Dancing Fool

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(Warnings: Thomas Jefferson is a fool who wants to be a meme, Trump is confused, Steven universe spoilers, Jefferson ascends to memehood, James Madison needs blood work done, oh fuck)
Thomas Jefferson was desperate to assume into meme-hood like Alexander and John had days before. James, meanwhile was indifferent. Jefferson had no shame, wearing basically anything he could find(that I allowed him to touch) in my house that would draw attention. He wore an old Steven universe snap-back hat over his large mass of hair and the dreaded velvet blanket Jodie had gotten him for Christmas as a toga. Jodie had left for school the other day. She'd be back around February vacation, though.
Let's say James and I were very embarrassed to be with Thomas. So was Aaron Burr. F/n, however, looked proud.
"I've never seen him like this..." James said before he took a long sip of warm hot chocolate.
"God, he's conforming to the times." I rolled my eyes as Thomas silently stared at the numerous people of Manhattan, making a general fool of himself, dancing and singing. No shame, I repeat, no shame.
I felt like a mom with a child who just called someone a bad word in public.
F/n occasionally recorded him with their phone about two feet away. Burr sat with them at their small table, talking with them. Everyone else was passed out drunk with hangovers back at the apartment.
After a few minutes, Jefferson came walking back into our little circle and grabbed James, picking him up bridal style. James shrieked as Thomas spun him around, "Look, a child!"
"Thomas! I'm only eight years younger than you! I am not a child, put me down and stop this nonsense!" James broke out into a coughing fit, causing Thomas to grow worried. He put him down in his chair and James gave him a grateful smile.
"How hard is it to become a meme?" Thomas asked F/n, the self-proclaimed meme expert. He pulled off the toga and draped it over his chair, taking a sip of his water. The hat was also placed and folded up on the table.
"Difficult as fuck, TJeff. But you don't have to be a meme to be internet famous!" F/n said.
"What else can I do, because I just want to be recognized. Not to sound like Alexander, but you don't know what it's like to one day be the former US president and then a random civilian. Only Jemmy and I know that feeling." He nudged James, who coughed and nodded.
"You could sing, you know, like something from now that you know! Watching Steven Universe last night... how about What's The Use Of Feeling Blue?"
Thomas leant forward and pressed his elbows to his knees, thinking. "I guess..." He looked up as about three people appeared to be taking pictures of us with gleeful looks on their faces. He took notice and started posing for pictures. James did the exact opposite and sunk back into his chair.
We came home and had lunch to find that James was growing to be even more ill than he was when he came here. He was looking a bit sickly. I called the doctors office and used the realistic fake ID I had for him. I made an appointment for later that night to have blood work done too.
I explained to James how the blood drawing worked, and he instantly started rubbing his inner elbow while appearing to shudder. Thomas elected to come and I left Burr in charge of the four hungover men.
We arrived for his appointment and immediately got in. That was easier than usual.
"It's nice to meet you, Mr. Madison." The Doctor shook his hand and smiled weirdly. She looked at Thomas, who sat next to me in a chair. "Relatives?"
James swallowed and nodded.
"These two don't know how to handle themselves." I said. "You could say I'm kind of the matriarch of the household."
"Ha! So you handle everything I see?" She laughed and brought the needle for James. James flinched as it pierced his skin but soon relaxed and closed his eyes with a grimace on his lips.
She took the blood to be examined, and came back just minutes later. "It's just a bacterial infection. I'm gonna proscribe you some antibiotics, James." She scribbled down on a piece of paper. "You're going to take one here and one a day in the morning. Don't eat yogurt or drink a lot of milk for the next week and just call us again if there is anything else. We're also going to run additional tests on the blood samples we took to determine if there is anything else."
"Th-thanks." James timidly took the pinkish pill and swallowed it with a water I had brought.
Thomas pat my back, "You're a great mom."
I choked laughing. "I am pretty great."
We got back home and ate dinner. The others looked ill from the amount of alcohol they consumed the night before. It was enough to fuel Ireland. (No offense to the Irish lmao). I wrapped myself up in a blanket and watched the news, calmingly rubbing Lafayette's hair as he rested his head on my lap. I found it cute as Washy pawed at his head in an effort to claim room on me. He slowly ate a lukewarm hot pocket to rid himself of his hangover, which was fading quickly.
Laurens can hold a lot of alcohol, so he was over it, "I don't even remember anything from last night. "
"Je me sens comme merde." Lafayette groaned in French.
He couldn't hold his alcohol as well. Mulligan had an ice pack on his head, and Alexander was surrounded in empty water bottles and glass cups.
Burr was watching TV with Jefferson and Madison. The news played the usual news of protests since the inauguration.
"Seriously, John Adams went into the White House with a higher approval rating than this guy!" Jefferson scoffed, "And Adams was a shit president, everyone knows it."
"Tell me about it..." Alexander muttered tiredly.
"Remember last week when we mentioned the Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens look alikes? Well, just look at this picture sent in by a different person with the same woman as before, a James Madison look alike, Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson? This founding-father phenomenon is quite the case."
Thomas clapped and hopped up, cheering and laughing. "I'm a meme!"
F/n nodded and pulled up an Instagram post, "Yep, so are James and Burr. I guess that leaves Hercules and Laf waiting for meme-hood."
"I'm not in the mood to be a meme right now, can I have just have some aspirin?" Mulligan sighed, a small smile on his face.
"No more late night drinking, any of you." I glared them down.
"Fine..." Laurens huffed like a child jokingly.
"I second that." Mulligan groaned.
Alexander grumbled positively. Lafayette was asleep, the hot pocket inside of his mouth. I coed like a mother with her children. Washy was curled up on his side, sniffing the Frenchman's clothes. I removed myself from the area and scootched to the other and of the couch.
"I wonder if they're going to find anything else in James' blood test." Thomas wondered, looking at his friend who read a magazine he found on his cot bed.
"Hopefully, if they do, it's nothing bad." James remarked, rubbing his eyes. He touched the bandaid on his inner elbow and coughed a few times.
"You sound a little better than before. The antibiotics are working." I said.
Burr was helping Lafayette to bed, balancing his sleeping body on his shoulder as Laurens managed the other side.
He came back and helped Alexander up, patting he groggy man's back. Mulligan got off the chair and yawned. "I guess everyone's going to bed... Goodnight, Thomas, James, Y/n and F/n." He lumbered to the room and slowly closed the door.
I snorted and turned off the TV. It was around eleven. I had a weird stomach ache, but I guess I was just hungry, so I grabbed a granola bar, F/n going to bed. I bid goodnight to Jefferson and Madison, and entered my room.
(Unknown POV)
Three more.
( Someone's POV)
I just got the weirdest letter ever. James Madison's exact DNA has been found in a living person by the same name? Well the president is going to want to know about this.

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