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'AHHH!' hansol woke up to a loud scream, he dashed downstairs to see everyone circled around the living room table

'what's going o-' hansols eyes and lips widen

hansol couldn't believe his eyes, it's only been the third day and someone has already died. the corpse was on the floor with a knife in his stomach

'my baby!' jeonghan cried as he ran over to chan rubbing his thumb on his cheeks

if hansol was correct chan had died, he was the youngest and he barely talked.

'who found him?' hansol asked as jeonghan continued to sob on his 'baby'

'i-i found him...' mingyu said

'i-i was walking to get something to eat and I found chan on the table like this with b-blood everywhere...' he added

jeonghan who was still sobbing finnaly wiped his tears with his sleeves and stood up

'g-guys...l-look' he said holding up a piece of paper with blood on it

'open it!' hoshi shouted causing jeonghan to frown

'no dip, dipshit' jeonghan replied opening the note and reading it out loud

dear jeonghan,

I killed myself- well I'm going to. I'm sorry but this whole thing is too much for me too handle, I just grabbed a knife from the kitchen. ill miss you the most jeonghan, I'll miss it when you use to tutor me and buy me ice cream. your so kind and pretty. please don't be bothered by my death. I wasn't important in the first place. tell the others that I'll miss them too! even though I didn't get a chance to know all of them 

I may or may not had a smOL CRUSH on hansol...but I rather have only you know

'I shouldn't have read the out loud' jeonghan blurted as hansol started to blush while seungkwan gave jeonghan the worst glare ever.

'continue please' seungcheol said

again im sorry but please don't be bothered. I just want to let you know good luck and hopefully you find a way to get out of this hell. if not than hopefully I'll see you guys in the same place. oh...and in my room...i found something...it was documents, about all of us...i hope they help somehow...just stay alive please jeonghan... for me

                        xoxo chan

the room was silent. no on dared to speak

'should we look at the documents...?' jisoo said breaking the silence

'i-i think we should let jeonghan cool down and process everything...' jihoon said bluntly siting on the couch turning on the tv

'does chans death not bother you?' hansol asked as jihoon shrugged

'don't know the kid. honestly people die every 5 minutes... -oh! a new kardashian season came out...have I been living under a rock?' jihoon said as hansol and seungkwan joined him

'oh my gosh Kylie's hair color- kill me now' seungkwan said fanning himself

hansol slowly pat seufkwan back in circles 'its ok...just wait till you've seen kims'

they both looked at each other and bursted out laughing, they high five each other as jihoon started to laughing   too

jeonghan and seungcheol got upset that the fact that nobody was taking this seriously, they both grew up with chan and raised him. they felt as if they lost a child.

jeonghan was about to burst out but he was cut of by the announcer

'Congrats on your first kill. first to go out is lee chan, surprising that it took less than three days for the first kill. another congrats to mingyu for killing chan, hope to see more of it. everyone must be in your dorm by 7 o'clock today since we have to place chan in a respectful place.bye'

'mingyu...you killed him?' jeonghan asked with concern in his voice

mingyu rubbed his nape and gave a goofy smile causing jeonghan to almost barf. this kid is sick. he thought

'im mean, im going to be the one who gets out of here so...'

jeonghan started to cry, 'so I b-bet the letter was fake?'

'fake? no no. he actually wrote that himself. he actually was going to kill himself but couldn't do it and I just happened to past by'

jeonghan smacked him.

the room felt silent- the only things that could be heard was the kardashians fighting about scott

jihoon turned of the tv and whispered to hansol that what's happening right know is way better than the kardashians

'you fucking bitch- how dare you kill someone so innocent and so kind. I hope you go to hell you damn hoe' he said stomping to his room

jisoo decided to follow him and seungcheol shook his head running after them both

after they left they all stood in silence, that is until jihoon started laughing and seokmin and hoshi decided to play hide and seek and the chinese boys decided to try cooking korean food. mingyu went to his dorm and wonwoo had also followed

'hey hansol, you okay there? you looked pissed' seungkwan said as hansol calmed his facial features and opened his eyes

hansol was upset because he wasn't the first one to kill, he was a damn assassin and his job is to kill yet he couldn't

'i don't know what your talking about' hansol replied as seungkwan slowly nodded

'im going to my dorm, bye' seungkwan waved walking, hansol grabbed his hand and stopped him

'its almost dinner, we could eat together and watch tv if you want' hansol asked

'b-but im not hungry' he whined still stuck on hansols grip, 'please' hansol pleaded

'f-fine' he mumbled 'not my fault if I throw up' he whispered to himself rolling his eyes

'what?' hansol questioned

'what did you say? sorry I didn't hear you'

'um i said yay! let's eat food together and gain more calories!' he shouted shaking hansol's hands off and running to the kitchen

hansol wasn't stupid, he heard what seungkwan said and the whole 'staving himself thing' made hansol more worried by the second. honestly hansol didn't know what to do and just sign and watched the tv


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