5th January 2009

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Dear Diary,

Yesterday Mommy and Daddy went out. They said they were having a party and when they came home, they started talking all weird and went straight to bed because I think they were so tired. So Nick had to tuck me in to bed.

He was so mean to me. He called me tomato head and hit me. So I told him to go to sleep. He didn't listen and said that I was evil. So I used the gun and shot his stomach. He fell down and went to sleep. The goo was everywhere.

Mommy and Daddy came in and beat me. They said that I was a murderer, and that the gun was for me. Then they carried Nick to the hospital and left me alone.

It's already morning, I still didn't see Mommy or Daddy. I'm so scared now! What if they forgot me? I don't think they love me anymore! They didn't leave me breakfast. I'm so hungry. I want my Milk and Cookies like I always eat every time Mommy and Daddy aren't home!

I really don't know why they freaked out when Nick went to sleep. I just made him sleep. There's nothing wrong with that :(

Evelyn Sapphire

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