Chapter 21

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"Congratulations, you have a beautiful baby...

Both Lauren and Camila became teary eyed when they heard they now have a daughter together.

"Should I call for your families to come in?" the nurse asked as she walked towards the door.

Camila was quick to answer, "No! Not yet, Lauren and I can have some little family time, once we are ready then Lauren can get them, but thank you"

"A girl... We have a daughter Camz" Lauren spoke in shock.

"I changed my mind. I love her so much" Camila cried as she cradled the newly born in her arms. "I want to see her eyes" she pouted as she held her sleeping daughter.

Lauren walked to where her jacket was and took her phone out of her pocket as she took numerous photos of the two special girls in her life.

"Baby, we need to pick a name still" Lauren gently spoke as Camila sighed in bliss.

"I kinda liked when Dinah was calling the baby CJ. But, maybe that can be what we call our next babies, like before I give birth to them"

"So you want more children?" Lauren asked, smiling so wide. Camila giggled and nodded her head as Lauren slowly brung her lips to Camila's.

"I don't want to share, but I suppose I'll have to. Do you want to hold our daughter now?" Camila joked as Lauren instantly nodded and put her arms out to hold the still sleeping child.

"She has so many of your features" Lauren pointed out as she used her pointer finger to gently trace the baby's face, slowly tracing along the baby's nose as Camila observed, the baby broke out into a smile. "That was not gas, she actually smiled! Camz did you see?" Lauren spoke with pride.

"I did, why don't you give me her back, and then we can call our family in, then you can hold her as we introduce her" Camila suggested as Lauren nodded.

"Ill be two minutes" Lauren softly spoke as she gave the baby back to Camila in order to get everyone in.

Camila cooed over her baby as everyone came into the room, aw-ing and cooing over the site.

"So how was the birth?" Sinu asked as everyone sat down somewhere.

"It was so hard" Camila sighed, "I may have bit Lauren in the process".

"Kinky" Lucy and Dinah whispered into each others ears before breaking out in laughter.

"Kaki, can I see?" Sofia asked

Lauren passed the baby around to everyone, hovering over just to make sure her child was okay.

"Camila, Lauren, I'm sorry but I have to go now. I'll be back soon though" Lucy spoke as Lauren gave the baby back to Camila and walked out with Lucy.

"How long will you be gone for?"

"Don't worry Lauren, you wont miss me too long" Lucy teased. "The baby looks so much like Camila, she's going to be a model when she grows up! Seriously though, congratulations"

"Thanks Luce, I love you"

"Love you too, now let me go so I can get back sooner" Lucy spoke as she and Lauren hugged before she left. Lauren re entered the room and saw that her siblings, and parents as well as Camila's sister and parents were leaving.

The nurse came shortly after to take baby CJ into the baby ward, whilst Camila and Lauren chose to get some sleep.

Ally decided that she would go to the baby ward and look over the Jauregui-Cabello child to make sure that she was okay. Dinah and Normani then decided to go back home as Dinah had work soon but being the boss of the company, she decided that she could come in later so that she could get more sleep.

Soft snores filled a quiet room until a door opened causing Lauren to groggily look up.


"Yo, I got it, just to let you know, go back to sleep, I'll be with Ally looking over CJ"

"Her name isn't CJ"

"She still doesn't have a name, come on Lo, she needs a name for her birth certificate" Lucy whispered before leaving the room with a bag in her hands as she walked towards the baby ward and met up with Ally.

"Hey girl, how is she?"

"She's doing great, she's adorable, I want a baby so bad now" Ally laughed.

"Yeah, same... But maybe not with my boyfriend, not unless he you know, grows up mentally"

"Yeah, so whats in the bag?"

"Just some stuff from when I was shopping. So how are you? Lauren said Jai left, I know you two were dating?"

"We, as of now, are just friends, he's busy in Australia, it sucks but we're better off being friends than in a relationship that wont work" Ally spoke.

"I hope the next person you find treats you like you deserve. You're far too kind for heartbreak" Lucy said as she hugged the smaller girl.

"Thanks Lucy, I am kind of interested in this girl called Kiana, so I'll see how that plays out"

"Oh yeah, Kiana's sweet! We went shopping a while ago, she said she thought you were pretty and that she was jealous of Jai... But you didn't hear that from me"

Ally laughed before looking around and spotting a clock on the wall, "I think its best I go home now, wanna walk with me to Camila's room and I'll say bye?"

"Yeah sure, I'll go home now too" Lucy agreed as they walked to where the sleeping couple were. "I'll open it so that I deal with a pissed off Lauren rather than you".

"So considerate" Ally joked.

"Pssttt! Hey! Lo! Lauren! Pssstttt! Michelle! Hey! Jauregui!" Lucy hissed in order to get Laurens attention.

"I could pretend to ignore you seeing as its entertaining, but then Camz will probably wake up, and she needs sleep, what's up?" Lauren asked as she got out of the bed she was in with Camila and walked out if the Room.

"Its just to let you know that we are both leaving now" Ally spoke with a soft smile on her face.

"Thank you both so much for being here, I'll see you both soon" Lauren said as she hugged Ally before hugging Lucy.

During Lauren and Lucy's hug, Lucy gave Lauren the bag that she got a while ago as Lauren whispered "I fucking love you", the two separated from the hug as Lucy winked at Lauren before leaving the hospital with Ally.

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