2nd January 2009

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Dear Diary,

Today Mommy told me a scary story. I don't know why! Let me tell it to you:

Today's story is called Ghost Hunters. It's about a little girl just like you who messed around with people who could disappear. Those people are actually dead. So the girl made friends with those people and after a year, she became one of them!

The story is too horrible to even tell you. I'm really sorry. Anyway, I got presents! I got a long machine thing, I always see it in movies to make people go to bed. It's something black, and then when you press a button, a little meatball flies out and hits someone on the head. Then red goo will come out and they go to sleep. Next time, when Nick disturbs me, I will put him to sleep!

I really love Mommy and Daddy for buying me a Sleepmachine! (That's what I want to call it). Maybe I can even try it on myself when I can't sleep. I suffer from insomnia. Maybe this will help! Oh wait! Mummy's calling me. Hold on a minute.


I'm back! Mom told me the Sleepmachine is called a gun! She said it will really help my insomnia, and gave me a hug. Anyway, it's 10:30 pm. I better go to sleep now!

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