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The first time Heather McNamara heard of The Princess Bride, it's was in 3rd grade. Martha had been squealing about how she finally got the book.

Heather had stopped hopping with her new jump rope to watch the other girl beam about the pictures on the cover to her best friend, Veronica Sawyer.

"Veronica look!" Martha squealed, pointing to a unicorn illustration on one of the pages.

"Pretty." Veronica had mumbled, running her small hand over the colorful pages.

Heather had rolled her eyes and started hopping again. But she didn't look away from the pair.

She didn't think the topic would come up again in her senior year of high school.

"Veronica." she groaned, slouching back against her bed.

The girl ahead of her rolled her dark eyes and she pushed the VHS into the slot with a whir.

"Couldn't you pick something more mature?" Heather huffed, glaring up at the now colorful screen in her bedroom.

"It's cute." Veronica said simply, making her way over to her newly found friend. "It has a happy ending. You can't take it seriously. It's great." she promised.

"Hm." Heather spun the metal bowl in her hand around, shifting the popped kernels inside about. Her lips were pursed.

Veronica's smile threatened to fall. She had insisted they have this sleepover after the events at school today. She had ended up saving Heather's life in the schools bathroom after the blonde had tried to overdose on sleeping pills. A result of past experiences and mental illness that had finally thrown her over the edge due to mockery in English that day.

"Come on," Veronica laughed gently. Heather inched over so the taller of the two could sit down. "Haven't you seen it before?" She asked.

"No." she snickered. "It's something I totally would have watched as a kid, though."

"Ah, jeez, Martha is obsessed with it!" Veronica beamed. "She has been since Kindergarten! Remember? She carried the book with her everywhere!"

McNamara placed the metal bowl on Sawyer's lap. "Don't remind me." She smiled. "Some things never change, do they?"

"I guess not." Veronica hummed, glancing up as the small reel of commercials ended.

"I wish our whole school could be as optimistic as Martha." Heather admitted. "It's insane honestly. Everyone gives her so much crap...I've given her so much crap and she still was so happy—"she sighed. "Seemed to be be happy."

"She knows you didn't mean all that stuff you said to her at the party, Heather." Veronica promised.

"I know, just—it feels bad. It's all I've been doing for four years and I can't even begin to apologize for all of that." She huffed. "From stupid comments to all the crap Heather dragged me into. Hell," she gently laughed. "I've called your boyfriend a psychopath. Sorry about that." She shrugged.

"Ex." Veronica popped a kernel in her mouth.

"Hm?" Heather glanced over.

"Me and JD broke up last week." Veronica says simply, as if it wasn't a big deal. 

"Where'd that come from?" Heather gapped, sitting up. "You were head over heels for that boy and his trashy Trenchcoat the moment you saw him."

"I've come to learn," Veronica begun, "That Mr. Jason Dean is an asshole and that's all I have to say on the matter." She shrugged. "We got in a few fights over stuff. That's all." She doesn't look over at Heather, keeping her eyes trained on the screen.

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