(Key's P.O.V)

I sighed as I watched him laughed with his friends. I can't help but be attracted to that guy, even though I know that he wouldn't take an interest in someone like me because I'm different than them. I don't even know why I still like him, I mean was really nice when we were still in elementary, but, since we started to grow up, the only thing he did was to make fun of me because he thinks i'm a total weirdo.

Well, naturally people hate me for not being like them. It's not surprising that they were always avoiding me for that fact, right?

I sighed again before grabbing all of my things and walking out of our classroom. I hate being at school, I don't even have a single friend for fucking god's sake! All of them just like to make fun of me and make my life a living hell.

But at the same time I like going to school, just to see that stupid guy whom I'm totally crushing on. I'm just too pathetic, right?

Oh, just great Kim Kibum! Just why did you have to fall for that guy? Ok, I know he's handsome, cool and all. But, he's mean and a total jerk. Are you really a masochist? You take all the insults, all the laugh, all the bad things that they do and say to you.

I sighed for the third time as I made my way to my convertible parked at the front of our school. Once reaching my car, I dumped all of my things on the passenger seat and went around the driver seat.

My way home was just a short one, because my house was just a few blocks away from my school.

Even though I live close by, I always make sure not to walk home from school. Who the fuck wants to get insulted and bullied on their way home? It's enough reason to.

Once I parked my car inside our garage, I hopped out and went in our house without even getting my stuff that was still inside the car.

I walked toward our refrigerator to get something to drink when I saw a piece of paper posted in the front of it.

Dear bummie,

Mommy will be out of the country for the whole three weeks, be a good kid. Ok? Love you so much ! xoxo

P.S. there's food inside just reheat it for dinner. I cooked it for you before I leave so be sure to eat it.


Your mommy

I just sighed and open the refrigerator and took out a milk carton. I have the most fricking awesome life anyone could have. I poured the milk in a tall glass and returned the carton inside the refrigerator. I grabbed the glass of milk and made my way to my room.

Upon reaching my room, I placed down the glass of milk on my study table and just plopped down my bed.

The only thing that can make me feel comfortable was my bed, my loyal and trusting friend. I wished everything will not remain the same forever. I heaved a deep sigh and closed my eyes, drifting into sleep.

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