Part 21 Humbled by Exposure

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"THANK YOU, LORD JESUS!" Tom shouted from the back of Chosen. "About time you set that man straight."

"Don't encourage her," Stacy says. "She knows it's not classy."

"Let me have my moment," I say ignoring her attempt to take it away. "It was priceless and I couldn't wait to share it, so please don't rain on my parade. Besides, you don't even like him."

"Keep your graciousness," Stacy says. "Don't get too caught up in any one moment. The one that could knock you on your ass is always right around the corner."

I roll my eyes. "Can't you just say 'go girl' or something like that?"

"I love you babe, but keep it humble," Stacy responds.

It takes everything I have to keep quiet and let the moment pass. I know better than to get into this debate.

"Oh, I forgot to mention that Ms. Wild is here getting her hair done," Tom says. "Do you mind looking over the waiver real quick?"

"Shit," she says rising to her feet. "Yes, I'll be right back."

Knowing damn well that was just Tom creating a distraction between the two of us, I wait until she is out of earshot before letting it out.

"Thank you. Her maternal lecturing gets on my nerves sometimes," I whisper. "She's like a wet blanket—always!"

"I don't mind the ungraciousness," Tom says. "I want to hear more about this ungracious moment."

With a devious smile, I continue. "It was awesome. The artist that Freddy took all the credit for actually said that I was brilliant. God, it feels so good to shove it in his face."

"I know it does," Tom says grabbing his tea off the counter and taking a seat next to me. "So what happened to you last night girl? I texted and called. I was starting to worry."

A little giggle escapes me. "I'm seeing someone and I was with him."

Tom's eyes widen in a way that makes me laugh. "You better spill it now," he whispers.

"Well," I say hesitantly. "OC just signed him and I know what you're going to say..." I sit back expecting Tom to give me his disapproving look, but instead, he just slaps the top of my thigh.

"Brenda, you deliciously scandalous woman. Anything is better than Freddy. Is he handsome?"

"Very. Drop dead in fact."

"Does Freddy know?"

I shrug my shoulders. "He came in this morning while I was bent over a bouquet of flowers sent to my new office from Modeus."

"Modeus is his name?" Tom asks.

"I know it's a weird name right?"

"Girl this is LA, everyone's name is weird but mine, I chose to keep it real. So, did Freddy ask who they were from?"

"He did. I said nothing and hid the card."

"And? Did he let it go?"

"Well," I say hesitantly. Reliving the moment before actually retelling it takes the wind out of my 'fuck Freddy' sails. I look into Tom's eyes and sadly remove my smile. "He unexpectedly grabbed me and pulled me into him. He smelled so good. God, I'm so stupid because I still love him."

"Oh, Brenda," Tom says.

"But it's too late," I say, smiling from ear to ear.

Tom sits back in the chair examining me closely. "You slept with Modeus didn't you?"

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