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"All that... gorgeous hair. Mmm." Lucas rubbed his fingers into my silky hair. "White suits you."

I stared into the mirror that he'd placed on his desk in his room.

We were both looking into it, but his eyes were fixed on me. I was sitting down and he was standing right behind me.

"It was Dawson's idea...my brother's. He thought I should dye it white to match my name and the ghost."

"It fits you. Guys and girls are all over you for it."

I looked at him through the glass and knitted my eyebrows together. I wanted to ask him if my so-called perfect hair was the reason he kissed me. But, of course, I found it difficult to ask.

"Casper, you gotta put yourself out there. You're, like, perfection."

I timidly smiled, shyly averting my eyes. "Y-you think I'm perfect? Not just my hair?"

"Of course, Casper. You're like walking sex." His fingers traced my jawline down to my chin and tilted up my head. He leaned forward, pressing our lips together once again. He separated. "I should teach you how to flirt. You're gonna need that skill."

I could feel my face burning as it usually did when I was flattered.

"You like to flirt a lot, huh?" I whispered.

"I do." He kissed me once more, circling around me to get in front of me. Stroking my cheek tenderly, he carefully put his leg over my thigh, sinking closer to me.

My heart started beating a little faster and I had to pull away from him. "Lucas, I-I can't. We can't..."

"I get it. We're friends."

"So it's true? You don't have feelings for me?"

He sighed and stood back up. "I'm a flirt, Casper."

"Is that why you just pretend there's nothing going on? Because flirting just comes so easily to you?"

"You're mad at me," he concluded.

"No! Really, I-I'm not mad. I just don't wanna be confused... or hurt your feelings."

He smirked. "Why, because you like Nash?"

My eyes widened. "I don't!" I denied. "No. I never--no. I mean, he's my room mate. Of course not." I chuckled awkwardly. "He would never feel the same way. That's if I liked him, which I don't."

"I see right through you. Funny, isn't it? True to your name; you're a ghost and I see right through your cute body." Lucas giggled. "You're naked to me."

I swallowed uncomfortably. He had a knack for making me feel embarrassed. I don't know if he enjoyed that or not.

"You can admit it. To me at least. See, lemme teach you how to flirt. I'm a pretty smart guy if that wasn't obvious by my juicy, wet brain."

I grimaced, almost choking at his words. He grinned. "So, yeah?"

"I wanna get him something. He bought me a poster, and he didn't have to. I just wanna return the favor."

"He got you a poster?" Lucas deadpanned. "Who gets a person a poster?"

"Stop, it was nice. Nash wasn't exactly very happy to be my roommate when we met, so I'll take what I can get. Besides... He's... Nash. If anyone's perfect, Lucas, it's him. Not me. I just wish..." I looked back at myself in the mirror. "I want him to like me more than he likes Trey."

Lucas repositioned himself behind me. "Ask him out then."

I huffed. "You didn't hear a word I just said. It's Nash McAvoy. High school football star, Criminal Justice major, heartthrob, thousands of friends and followers on social media--should I continue?"

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