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Camila stirred early the next morning, not bothering to open her eyes. She was warm and comfortable, and though her head was slightly pounding, she was feeling great. She knew she wasn't in her apartment, since her room was like a freezer on most mornings.

The bed she was on was warm and soft and she could just make out the faint smell of vanilla around her. The small girl furrowed her closed eyes, Lauren smelt like vanilla.


She'd seen Lauren last night.

Lauren had gotten her!

Camila's eyes flew open after that, looking up with her semi blurry eyesight. She was wrapped in thick white covers, and could feel an arm wrapped protectively around her waist, another gently placed on the small of her back.

Adjusting to the morning light, Camila finally looked up, biting her lip at what she saw. Lauren was still peacefully asleep, her chest slowly rising and falling. Camila stared at her, not really sure how to feel.

On one hand, she was upset at Lauren. The woman had watched her, and not even bothered to tell her about it. But Camila wasn't even sure who to be mad at, Lauren for watching her, or herself for getting reeled in, and for wanting Lauren back. She tried to repress it as much as she could, but the small girl really did love the time she spent at Lauren's, and she hated herself for it.

On the other hand, Lauren had came and got her last night. The older woman picked her up at almost 3 AM, no questions asked, and took care of her.

Camila looked down, biting her lip again. Her mind was going crazy, shifting from one focus to another. She was lost in her thoughts, trying to figure out what she should do when Lauren wakes up, or if she should just leave now to avoid any embarrassment.

She was too late though, for a few seconds later she was pulled out of her thoughts by someone gently tugging her lip from between her teeth.

"You shouldn't do that Camila, you'll hirt yourself" Lauren whispered groggily. The small girl said nothing, looking up at her, but moving her eyes back down as soon as her eyes met Lauren's.

"Sweetie there's no need to be upset or embarrassed, it's gonna be fine" Lauren assured, hesitantly brushing a piece of hair from Camila's eyes.

Camila nodded her head, not making any move to speak. She was embarrassed, and didn't know if she should thank Lauren, or yell at her for what she'd revealed days prior.

"Well since you're so quiet, why don't you hop in the shower? I couldn't get all the makeup off your face, and it's probably a good idea to wash all the product out of your hair" Lauren suggested, referring to the sticky, matted mess her hairspray had caused.

"You can use my shower, and take anything out of my closet, it's a little chilly, and my sweatshirts are in this drawer in case you want to use one. I'll be downstairs if you need anything" Lauren said, getting out of bed and softly smiling at the tiny girl before walking out.

Camila huffed once the door had shut, throwing her legs onto the floor. She stretched a bit, making her way over to the shower and looking herself in the mirror while the water warmed up.

She was a mess, and had makeup running down her face, as well as a lingering taste of alcohol on her tongue. She grimaced, finding a spare toothbrush in the vanity drawer and brushing her teeth.

Once the shower had warmed up, Camila undressed, sighing when the steamy water hit her body.

She spent almost 10 minutes there, before actually starting to scrub down her body. Using Lauren's vanilla body wash, Camila instantly felt better, watching the remnants of her makeup go down the drain.

She moved onto her hair, thoughts drifting to what she was going to say once she walked downstairs. She decided to just thank Lauren and leave, thinking it was best to just rip the bandaid off, no matter how much it hurt.

Stepping out, Camila shivered, wrapping a large fluffy towel around her. She slipped on one of the hoodies in the drawer, loving the way the warmth, as well as the faint smell of Lauren enveloped her.

Camila forced herself out of her thoughts, telling herself to make it easy and stop thinking about it. She slipped on a pair of leggings, tying her clean hair up into a ponytail.

Once she was ready, she went through her plan once again, pacing back and forth a few times. When she told herself she was ready, she grabbed her phone, texting the girls that she was okay and quietly made her way down the stairs.

Camila stood outside the door of the kitchen, taking a deep breath and walking in.

She went through her plan again, looking up at the woman standing at the stove. Her breath caught in her throat, and all her preparation was immediately thrown out the window.

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