I couldn't sleep that night. I was, once again, sleeping on the floor. Dusty was actually prepared for my stay this time so he'd managed to get more pillows for me (no idea where he got them from). He even cleaned up his room a little bit so I wouldn't be surrounded by dirty piles of stinky clothes as I attempted to sleep.

I was comfortable and content in my current position.. however, there were a few things on my mind that have been bugging me all day. To be more specific, there were exactly two things that have been bugging me for a while. Those two things? Dean and Drake. There was something up with them and I wanted to know why.

With Dean- it looks as if he's trying really hard to befriend me. He's been talking to me a lot more and being extremely nice to me. Still shy, though. Still very very shy.

And Drake- he always looks so distant from his brother. His twin brother. It actually surprised me that they weren't the typical, cliché set of twins. They look miles apart and I would argue that they weren't even related if they didn't look exactly like each other.

But then again, maybe I am reading into it way too much. Dean is just probably being friendly. He must really want to be my friend. He does look like someone who would be nice enough to go out of their way to make friends with another person. And Drake was probably a sore loser and I was over analyzing as always. Whatever it was, I really wanted to know.

I woke up the next morning to a pillow smacking me in the face. Dusty stepped over me to make his way to the bathroom.

“Get up, Dakota,” he said tiredly. He looked drunk as he tiredly wobbled on his feet.

Drake got up after hearing the bathroom door slam. He sat up, brushing the hair out of his face. He strangely resembled the Grudge in the morning.

With a groan, I laid back down, tossing Dusty's pillow back on his bed. I rubbed my eyes, trying hard not to fall back asleep. I didn't get much sleep last night.

By the time we got to breakfast, everyone was halfway done with their food.

“How was the slumber party?” Seth teased as we sat down with our eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Still love the breakfast here.

Drake grunted as he picked up his fork and began shoveling his scrambled eggs down his throat. Dusty just shrugged.

“Same old, same old.”

We weren't the morning types, apparently. Except for Seth, of course.

“Hey, Dakota,” Dean greeted me with a smile as he sat down with Logan. I nodded a hello and looked over at Logan, who just smirked at me. Raising my eyebrows at him, he only shrugged and looked away, pretending he didn't know what he did.

“So!” Dusty started, clapping his hands together, hoping to start some sort of a conversation, but he as interrupted by Collin, who was messing with his hair.

“Damn, I need to dye my hair. You too, Drake?” he asked, looking over at his twin. I could see Collin's brown roots showing. I've never wondered what his natural hair color was. I honestly thought he'd look cute with brown. Why he dyed his hair in the first place was beyond me. I could understand Drake, though.

Drake just shrugged and continued eating, not wanting to talk to anyone. I could see Collin's small smile slightly fade as he looked down at his plate. I decided to continue his poor attempt at a conversation, knowing he was trying hard in the early hours of the day.

“I need to redye my hair, Collin,” I said, shaking my hair a bit. My roots were beginning to show, as well. Plus, I did like the black in my hair. I felt like it gave me an edge and made me look a bit more rough. More like a boy than a girl.

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