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My Next Romance Story Is Coming Up Soon... Its Going To Be Called "Cant Resist You".

But That Is Atlease If You Guys Want Another Story???

But I Was Brain Storming And This Is The Plot I Came Up With...

What Better Way To Find The love Of Your Life Than At Gun Point... Then Have That Individual Move Into Your House Because Your Mom Is Warm Hearted And Want To Make A Difference In That Ones Life...

Kuann Queen Harvic. They Said She Had Nothing Going For Her. They Said She Would End Up Dead By High School. They Defined Her By How They Found Her And Who She Had Around Her. Kuann's Father Was A Drug Dealer. Her Mother A Stripper. Her Sister An Addict/Prostitute. Only Love She Had Came From Her Brother. But That Love Was Cut Short When His Life Was Taken Away. From Fosters To Fosters. Tired.. Kuann Then Took The Road To The Streets. She Found Love There. Brothers By The Arms Of Fire Arms, Fast Money And Drugs Everything She Was Used To, Plus Love.

But We All Know Something Always Goes Wrong. But For Kuann... For The Right Reasons Things Go Wrong.

That's Where June Montgomery Comes In. Total Opposite Of Kuann. After Almost Losing His Life By Her. Last Thing He Imagined Was Her Living In His Home.

Read As Kuann And June Take A Ride On A Roller Coaster Ride With Stops At Stations Love, Hurt, Pain, Drugs, Sex, And Deceit.

Emotions And Feeling Get Built. The Attraction Is Almost Unbearable.

Their Love. They Just Can't Resist Each Other.

Y'all Like Or Nah??

Just Comment What Y'all Think?

What Y'all Think I Should Include?

Even Include Your Kind Of Plot And If I Like I'll Tweek And Mixx It.

The Cover Will Look Like This....

The Cover Will Look Like This

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