Chapter 20

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"I'm bored" Sofia mumbled as everyone else is the room nodded their head.

"Ayyyy, lets make this interesting. Okay, lets play a game!" Dinah suggested.

"We've got nothing better to do, so we may as well" Mike agreed as Dinah jumped up to her feet and clapped her hands.

"Okay, so this is how its gonna go... Everyone who thinks baby CJ is gon' be a girl, stand to that side of the room" Dinah spoke as the pointed to a side of the room, she then pointed to another room, "if you think CJ gonna be a boy, then get your asses to that side, ready? Go!" Dinah exclaimed as the family rushed to two sides of the room, some family members were stuck in the middle not knowing where to pick. "Okay, now I'm going to write these down in my phone, gave Walz and Ralph something to laugh about after CJ arrives. Next, I want you to tell me what names you think they're gonna pick"

Dinah certainly managed to keep everyone entertained, she wrote down everyone's guess of the gender of the child, as well as their names, hair colour (that's if the baby did have hair), weight of the baby, and also the eye colour.

"Sofia, are you excited to be an aunty to your sisters baby?" Taylor asked the young Cabello.

"Yes and no, because yes I like baby dolls, but this is a real one and the poop is going to stink!"

"Yeah but just think, Lauren and Camila will be cleaning the baby, not you" Clara joked.

"If they ask me to clean the baby's diaper, then I'll shake my head like this" Sofia spoke as she shook her head quickly left to right before saying "and then I'll tell them its not my job!"

"Who do you think will be the first to get asked to babysit?" Alejandro asked.

"Hmm, probably either my mom or Sinu" Chris thought out.

"I don't know, I think Dinah" Normani teased, knowing that Lauren and Camila would be petrified leaving Dinah with their child, which caused everyone else to laugh.

"Hey! I'm a good babysitter!" Dinah argued back.

"Dinah babe, you pushed your younger brother off a bed, you slapped your sister because she touched your Simba teddy, and lets not forget the time after your bothers had football practice and you all went towards the car, you thought they were in the car but they weren't and they were actually changing their shoes and you drove away... Or even the time when you sister was baking and you decides to-"

"Okay okay okay, but baby CJ will love me and I wont be teasing baby CJ any time soon... Not until CJ can talk that is, its always fun when they defend themselves" Dinah laughed.

"So, do you think they'll want more children after this?" Ally asked, and just as the door opened, Lucy came in greeting the girls and Laurens family, seeing as she hasn't really met Camila's family properly.

"Oh, Lauren will! She definitely wants tons of kids" Lucy answered as she sat in between Ally and Taylor.

"How do you know?" Clara asked.

"Well, she's like... Okay, like... Well, I think it was in New York when we were both stoned and drunk, we had a huge heart to heart conversation about life, our dreams and the world and everything. We spoke about how fucked not only America is, but other places in the world because of the notreallyqualified dic- erm loser that is the president. We sat in bed together and ate ice cream, and we spoke about where we see ourselves in years to come and stuff. She said that she wants to find true love and never let go, and that she wants to have so many children so that her house doesn't seem as lonely, she was so emotional talking about it, but that could have been because of the weed" Lucy spoke out. "This happened after we dated by the way, so yeah, it wasn't a lovey sickening shit talk between us" Lucy clarified.

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