Chapter 5- Yes, I Ditched

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     I stood in the common room, dressed in leggings, ballet flats and a fur coat. I tucked my wand into a pocket as Fred and George skipped down the stairs with arms linked. 

"Ready?" They asked in unison.

"Ready!" I confirmed, grinning. I linked arms with them, a twin on each side. 

"To Hogsmeade!" They said, again... in unison. I laughed and the three of us wandered down the halls of Hogwarts.

"Awful quiet today." Fred commented. 

"Indeed, Freddie." George agreed.

"Everyone must be taking advantage of their Saturday." I said. The twins nodded in agreement.

"What a fine Saturday it is!" exclaimed George. 

"Yeah, usually we spend it planning pranks," Fred says.

"...but we decided we would take the new Gryffindor to Hogsmeade instead!" said George, finishing Fred's sentence. Once we left Hogwarts and the cold air hit my legs, I realized how much of a mistake wearing leggings were.

"Forget something, love?" George asked.

"Yes, how cold snow is!" I prattled, shivering.  There was something about how George called me "love" that made me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Both the twins laughed at my comment.  I mockingly shivered violently, chattering my teeth before it happened for real.  They laughed again.

"Boy, 'r we glad your a Gryffindor!" George exclaimed, while Fred just laughed harder. I beamed with pride.

We finally reach the cobblestone path leading into Hogsmeade. Angelina stood at the entrance, grasping a paper map and staring blankly at it. 

"Lost?" Fred asked. Angelina jumped and looked up.

"Yes," she said sheepishly.  "believe it or not this is my first visit." 

"And you're a fifth year!" George exclaimed, disbelievingly. Angelina nodded, ashamed.

"Freddie, you should show our friend here around!" said George. Fred nodded and let go of my arm and walked over to Angelina.

"Cya 'round!" Fred waved as the pair stalked off into the hoards of people in the shops. 

"And then there was two!" said George. I smiled and leaned on him to see how he would react, and he continued on like me leaning on him was a usual occurrence. I shivered again, this time it was even more violent than the last. 

"Cold?" He inquired.  I responded with another tremble.

"How 'bout some butter beer? It'll warm you right up!" He exclaimed. 

"Sounds great!" I said. George lead me through the crowded road and into the pub. The inside was so crowded that we had to fight our way to a table and it was ages after that before a waiter noticed us. He was a lanky man and he had a mug tray full of butter beer mugs. 

"Only serve butter beer on Saturdays!" He exclaimed, dropping two mugs in front of us. George paid and the waiter left. Our table was in the far corner which made the lighting dimmer but the area was quieter than the front of the shop.

"So, how do ya like Gryffindor?" He asked.

"It's amazing! It's so much brighter and happier. Not to mention the people are so lively and friendly!" I exclaimed. George smiled goofily, a butter beer mustache spread across his lip.  It was so adorable that I didn't even notice when my hand involuntarily moved forward.  I rubbed it off gently, and then caught his surprised look.  Awkwardly clearing my throat, I kept my hands planted firmly on my mug.

"How'd you get moved to Gryffindor anyway?  If it's not too personal..." He said. I set down my butter beer.

"I was out with my family. I left for a second and I was attacked. It was some animal... Anyway, it split me open and I was concussed so badly that I suffered a personality change. So they decided to re-sort me." I said. I lifted my shirt up to my rib-cage to reveal a long scar that marred my abdomen. George's eyes went wide with shock as I pulled my shirt down again.

"That's bloody awful! Iris, I'm so sorry!" He stuttered, his eyes filled with genuine concern.

"Don't be, look, I got to meet you!" I said with a smile.  I finished my butter beer and grabbed his arm. "Common! Wasn't there a prank shop you wanted to show me?" George's face lit up.

"Zonko's!" He exclaimed!


A couple hours later we left Zonko's, George was carrying a bag full of filibuster fireworks and an assortment of special candies. I was suddenly struck with a pang of fear. The sun was so low in the sky you could just see light peaking over the hills. The fear was accompanied by a familiar gnawing in my muscles. It was a full moon!

"Crap!" I yelled. George looked at me with an expression of both surprise and confusion.

"George I'm so sorry! I'll have to meet up with you tomorrow!" I was already running off so he couldn't protest. I had to get to the woods. They're wasn't much time left!

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