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The next day Louis roots through his suitcase and finds Harry, offering up the flogger to him.
"Something you want to ask, baby?" Harry says, raising an eyebrow.
"Can we try the flogger today, daddy?"
"What's the magic word?"

Louis bites his lip, squirming where he stands.
"Please, daddy," Louis corrects. Harry smiles, pulling him forward for a kiss.
"Good boy. You go get naked and get your cuffs, lie on the bed."

Harry strokes a hand down Louis' side and uses the tips of the flogger to tickle across his stomach. Louis gasps, hips shifting when Harry drags the tails of the flogger across his dick which is resting against his belly.
"Did you touch yourself, Lou?" Harry asks as he attaches the cuffs to Louis' wrists and to the bed frame.
"No, daddy. Just excited," Louis blushes. Harry chuckles, kissing Louis chastely.
"That's good, sweetheart. I might ask you to turn over so can you try that now? Good boy."

Louis turns over and lies there for a moment before bringing his knees under himself.
"Back on your back for me, darling," Harry says softly, brushing Louis' hair away from his eyes when he does as he's told.

Louis grins up at Harry. Harry raises an eyebrow at him.
"Just happy and excited that we're getting married soon," Louis tells him. Harry smiles, nodding his head.
"Me too. Now, since this is new I want you to make sure you colour it you need to. I'll ask for your colour more, too. Feel free to ask for anything while we do this, okay?"
"Okay daddy."

Harry starts off slow and gentle, aiming for Louis' thighs and hitting his dick very gently. Louis bucks up, back arching as he moans.
"So beautiful," Harry compliments and his hits get a little harder.

Louis is panting, writhing and whining every time Harry brings the flogger down on his pink skin. Harry stops, dropping the flogger on the bed to sit between Louis' legs. He presses light kisses to the hot skin of Louis' thighs, pushing his thumbs in to hear him moan.

"That good, darlin'?" Harry asks, his own voice rough. Louis keens as Harry licks a stripe up his thigh and blows cool air on it.
"So good, daddy. 'M green," Louis nods. Harry smiles, kissing the tip of his dick. Louis whimpers, has to fight to keep still.

"You're being very well behaved, baby. You going to be good and turn over for me?"
"Yes, daddy," Louis agrees and rolls over. "Knees?"
"Tuck them under you please, princess. There we go. How are your arms feeling?" Harry asks. He rubs at Louis' shoulders and neck.
"Okay. I'll tell you if they hurt," Louis promises.
"Good boy," Harry praises.

Louis smiles, rolling his shoulders a little as he settles. Harry kisses down his back, using his hands to pull Louis' cheeks apart. He licks his lips before he slowly pushes his tongue into Louis' hole. The small boy gasps, pushing his bum back into his daddy's hold. Harry stretches him out leisurely, nipping at his skin when he needs a bit of a breather.

"Daddy!" Louis whines. "Fuck- so good."
"Okay, that's enough of that for now, love," Harry says and pats his bum.

Louis sighs, wriggles his bum until Harry smacks him.
"Stay still, love. Be good," Harry reminds him.

Harry picks the flogger up again, hitting Louis hard on the arse. Louis gasps, tensing up. Harry rubs the patch he's just hit.

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