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The day went by and Hyemi started to get used to her new surroundings. Even after what had happened, the thoughts of running away still lingered in her mind but she was too scared to take a risk. What if Yoongi does something even worse next time?

Jungkook had come by and gave her a pair of freshly washed clothes. It wasn't her's but looked like it belonged to a girl. Hyemi was sick of wearing Yoongi's clothes even though they were comfortable but she wanted something that could hide her legs.

It was a pair of skinny jeans and a shirt that read "Dump him!"

Once she changed, Hyemi went to look for Mijoo. Yes, Yoongi actually didn't lock the room this time. He said that he trusted that I wouldn't run away, plus it would be impossible with the house full of strong men.

Hyemi's P.O.V

I walked towards Mijoo and Jimin's room and raised my hand to knock but heard some voices causing me to stop and feel an urge to eavesdrop. I pressed my ear against the door and heard Mijoo laughing. This was the first time I had heard her laugh genuinely and it seemed she was actually happy.

I sighed and decided to walk off without disturbing her and Jimin's moment. I can't believe I have such a bad fate. Mijoo always gets the best things. She's pretty, she's smarter than me, she's cute and has a kind heart. Now she gets such a great kidnapper who respects her and makes her laugh. That sounds wrong.

Anyway I wish Yoongi could've been like Jimin. I wish he wouldn't kiss me without my will. I wish he would actually let me sleep on my own and not take me to his room whenever he wants to. I wish he was as nice as Jimin or Jungkook, I wish he was as thoughtful as Namjoon, as caring as Jin or even as sweet as Taehyung. Hana and Mijoo are lucky to get such nice guys.

I was bored so I thought of looking for Yoongi, maybe I could persuade him to let me go. Psh, like that would ever work. In the end I decided to go to Jungkook and get some hints about why Yoongi is even keeping me here. Not that I'm expecting to get something out of him.

I was making my way to a random room when I saw the door open and a familiar silhouette step out. As soon as I saw Yoongi's black hair I made a U-turn and walked to the opposite door before he saw me alone and start French kissing me in the middle of a corridor.

However, I was obviously too late. His deep voice spoke from right behind me "and where do you think you're going?" He asked and I felt his arm wrap around my stomach causing me to freeze in my spot.

"Uh... to the bathroom?" I guessed hoping that the door in front of me was a bathroom.

He chuckled and turned me around making me look up at him. "I know you're trying to avoid me" He said and I blushed.

"Whaattt~" I sang and brushed him off as casually as possible. "No way" I said as I stepped back to get away from him. However he only smirked and took a step forward as I took a step back. I knew what was to come and prepared myself to run away when I heard the main door slam open.

Me and Yoongi both looked towards the door in shock and heard a scream. It was muffled but it sounded like a girl. I ran towards the door with Yoongi behind me where I saw a familiar scene. A handsome guy had a blonde girl on his shoulder, who was struggling to escape his grip. The orange haired guy looked at me in surprise then at Yoongi and smiled.

"Yo hyung" He said and walked towards us. I quickly went behind Yoongi, scared of him for some reason. Is it a tradition to kidnap innocent girls here?

"Who's she?" Yoongi asked as they did the man hug thing and the orange haired guy put the dyed blonde girl on a nearby couch. I looked at her with pity and she moved around to get out of the ropes tied around her. 'Maybe I should help her' I thought but felt Yoongi's hand clasp around my wrist to prevent me to go to her. Right, I forgot he can read minds.

"I'll tell you when I meet Namjoon." The guy said with a smile. He then bent to the side to peek at me "Hello there" he said with a bright smile. The guy gave off a good vibe but I still didn't trust him.

"Uh... hi" I said awkwardly tearing my hand away from Yoongi's grip and waving at him. "I'm Hyemi" I said. "And I'm guessing that's your 'mate'" I made the apostrophe sign with my fingers and pointed at the kidnapped girl who had given up on the ropes.

He laughed and shook his head "Ani (No)... but I'm pretty sure you're his mate" He pointed at Yoongi while I just nodded my head sadly. "I feel sorry for you" He chuckled and got a hit on the head from Yoongi.

I covered my mouth to hide my giggle. The guy grumbled something about 'grumpy old grandpa'. "Well I have to go now" He said and went to pick the girl up and throw her over his shoulder. "Nice meeting you! I'm Hoseok by the way, but call me hobi or J-hope" He winked and went off towards the west wing of the mansion.

Did I forget to tell you that the mansion was so big that it had an east and west wing? Well it does.

As soon as J-hope was gone, I realized Yoongi was still beside me so quietly took steps away from him. He noticed me moving and face-palmed. "Let's go to Namjoon's office, might as well explain everything to you" he said

At the sound of that I nodded my head excitedly and followed him to the west wing. Finally, I was getting some explanations and I wasn't missing the chance. Only the sound of our footsteps could be heard as walked into the corridor into a large office.

It had a huge table in the middle and half of the walls were covered with bookshelves. To be honest it looked like an office meeting room with the large map sitting in the middle of the table. What do these guys even do?

I saw the girl from earlier sitting on one of the chairs still tied up. J-hope walked towards her and took off her gag allowing her to speak. "How dare you kidnap me?! My father will kill you all" She screamed as soon as the cloth was taken off. Her speech had a bit of dialect which showed that she wasn't Korean; She didn't look like one either.

I felt Yoongi's hand grab mine and he lead me to the table, telling me to take a seat. I quietly did what he said. I'm just here for some answers. The door opened after a few minutes and Jimin entered the office. Mijoo wasn't with him which made me frown.

Jimin froze in his place as soon as he saw the foreign girl. "YOU BROUGHT HER HERE?!" He shouted in complete horror. J-hope shrugged and the door opened once again. This time Namjoon entered and froze in his spot just like Jimin.

But his reaction was completely different.

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