LXIV- Rogue Revealed

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Greyson was a naturally fast driver, but he broke all the speed limits when driving home. The car pulled up to the pack house and he slammed the breaks on so they stopped suddenly. Indianna struggled to keep up with him as he bolted out of the car and rushed into the pack house. The majority of the pack was squashed into the lounge and they all sighed in relief when Greyson walked in.

"What's happening?" Greyson demanded, in full Alpha mode. "Do we know where Martha is?"

"We've got people searching," Ace spoke up. He had arrived earlier and had acted in charge until Greyson arrived. "Her scent just disappears. Along with Rogue's."

"Shit," Greyson cursed. "Where's Harry?"

"He's... In the dungeons."

"Stacy," Indianna whispered. "He has her."

Ace nodded.

"Has she been harmed?"

"Her mate is a monster, the only reason she is alive is because we need her!" Greyson growled.

"She had done nothing wrong," Indianna said. "It's not her fault that Rogue is her mate! I suggested we use her to get to Rogue, but we aren't harming her!"

Greyson gritted his teeth.

"Greyson," Indianna said and grabbed his arm. "Don't stoop to his level."

"If anyone hears anything let me know straight away!" Greyson demanded and grabbed Indianna's hand. He walked out of the room and pulled Indianna behind him.

"Are we going to see her?" Indianna wondered.

"We are," Greyson said stiffly.

"You can't hurt her," Indianna whispered.

"Her safety depends on Rogue's actions," Greyson growled and led Indianna downstairs into the basement that had been refurbished into a gym. Tucked away at the back was a door that led to another set of stairs going down.

It got darker as they walked down and the air turned colder. Indianna gripped Greyson's hand tightly as fear filled her. Cages started to appear, along with dark, filthy cells with wrought iron bars in front of them. Their footsteps echoed along the damp floor as they walked down the long aisle lined with cells and cages. It was eerily silent and Indianna nearly cried in fright when a rat scuttled past.

"Nothing is going to hurt you, sugar," Greyson said and looked down at Indianna with dark, anger filled eyes.

"It's not me I'm worried about," she admitted.

Greyson tensed, but didn't say anything.

Finally they reached the end of the aisle and saw Harry and Brooke standing outside of a heavy wooden door with a small caged window.

"For a prisoner, she's acting like a confident bitch," Harry said when Greyson and Indianna stopped in front of them.

"So she's talking?" Greyson said and nodded. "Good." Greyson opened the door and span round to look at Indianna as he unlinked their fingers. "Stay here."

"No, I'm coming in," Indianna said and stepped forward, but Greyson gently held her back.

"Not just yet. I need to talk to her alone," he said.

"No, Greyson. I am coming in with you," Indianna said firmly and Greyson gritted his teeth, but turned on his heel and walked into the room. Indianna followed after him and gasped when she saw Stacy tied to a chair, gagged and blindfolded.

"Let me do the talking," Greyson said sternly and Indianna took his hand, sensing his anger rising. "Stacy," Greyson said slowly and walked up to her. He roughly ripped the blindfold off and pulled the gag down. She looked up at him, her expression scarily calm.

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