|Jack| "Adam Is One Hell Of A Drug."

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"Atlas?" You called throughout the hall.

A muffled Irish accent could be heard. "What is it, love..." He mumbled, clearly not enjoying your presence.

You tapped your foot in annoyance and walked over to him, handing him four bottles of Eve. He looked up from the desk and quickly snatched them from you.

"You could only get four..." He glared towards you.

You rolled your eyes tossing him one more. "I was going to keep that but... Hey, I never get to keep any of the things I retrieve for your lazy backside. Apparently, it's only on our contract when it some how benefits you. Which is never because all you do is sit around here..." You shot a harsh glare towards the big-headed male.

He seemed uneasy in his chair, he shuffled slightly before standing, walking towards a large chest. He threw the hypos in and turned back to you.

"I need some ammo..." The male muttered.

You shot him another glare. "What for? To shoot at fucking air all day, it's not like you walk out this office..."

He glared at you and stormed towards you, his footsteps echoing loudly through the hall. You stepped back slightly; Atlas may have been. Lazy in some ways, but he knew how to scare someone. He was dangerous, but he kept your life so. In some way you owed him.

"You owe me your entire fucking life Y/N. Don't forget that. I lost my family because of you. I'm surprised I didn't kill you there and then..."

"Atlas, please can we not bring that up again, I said I'm sorry..."

"You think sorry is good enough ... Pet?" He spat out the word 'Pet.'

It wasn't your fault, you and Jack couldn't tell Atlas about the splicers heading his way. It tore you apart, hearing Atlas swear revenge on Ryan. However, Atlas always seemed to blame you. The way he glared at you when you talked of, Even just the word family. He'd shoot you down with a glare, every time. Jack sat there, attempting to stick up for you, it would end up with you walking out, alone.

You gulped slightly as you watched him stalk towards you, a knife in hand.

"Atlas please!" You cried. You were punished and abused. A lot now, it happened almost daily. But this time was different, this time it wasn't just going to be a hit. He was ready to kill you. For what you did. Or what you didn't do. To save his family from the submarine. Jack and no idea. He was innocent to the offensive side of Atlas. To Jack, he was just. Atlas...

You continued to step back until your back came to a cold concrete wall. You gasped and glanced at Atlas.

"Atlas come on!" You cried out once more.

"What you aren't going to be brave ... Pet?" He scowled lurking towards you still.

You glared towards him slightly and quickly aimed your left hand, aiming it towards his hand, which grasped the cold metal object. You thrust your hand towards him, an electric bolt flew towards it, hitting the knife, you watched as the electricity went from the knife to Atlas. He growled in pain, and you took the option to run. He glared towards you and quickly thrust his hand towards you, a bolt of fire flew towards you, catching your sleeve of your white blouse. You yelped in pain and quickly opened the door running into the many hallways of Rapture.

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