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Pen Your Pride

"For what vacation?" I asked.  "No honey." my mom shook her head.  "We're promoting the album." Niall said.  "That's great Nye!" I cheered happily, but my smile faded.  Niall had a guilty look on his face.  "Let him finish." Maura interrupted.  "When are you guys leaving?  This summer, after we graduate.  Right?" I was starting to get worried.  Niall didn't answer me.  He looked hurt.  I looked around the table for any sort of answer.  No one even made eye contact with me.  "Mom?  Dad?  Maura?  Bobby?  Anyone?" I wanted an answer.  I needed an answer.  Now.  "We're leaving... Monday morning." Niall responded, looking down at his hands in his lap.  "As in this coming Monday?" I needed clarification.  "Yeah." Niall practically whispered.  They were leaving?  Why didn't they tell me earlier?  Or did they?  It all makes sense now.  Why Simon told the boys he'd see them soon.  I'm beyond happy for them, but Monday?  This can't be happening.

"That's amazing, I'm excited for you all.  Excuse me." I stood and exited to my room.  I could feel eyes on me as I left the dining room.  "Char!  Wait up!" Kay and Niall were only a few feet behind me.  I ran faster.  I sat down on my bed and whipped out my laptop.  I needed to talk to Liam.  Why didn't he tell me?  "Don't you dare turn on that laptop Missy!" Kay yelled.  She wasn't even in my room, and my laptop wasn't on, so it wasn't making any noises.  Kinda sketchy.  "How the hell?" I started as the two of them barged in.  "What do you want?" I glared at them.  Not sure why though.  I was upset, not pissed off.  "Why'd your run out so fast?" Kay asked.  Niall sat down next to me on my bed.  "Kay.  Um... could we be alone?" Niall asked shyly.  She didn't move.  "Please?" he tried again.  Kay stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

"Mood much?" Niall tried to crack a joke to break the ice like he normally would.  Normally, I would laugh at his pathetic jokes.  But right now, it didn't work.  "So, why were you so quick to leave?" he wrapped his arms around me.  In a backwards hug type of thing, and pulled me into his lap.  "My life revolves around the five of you.  It's pretty sad, but it's true.  You five are my entire world.  You're what makes me smile everyday.  Now you're leaving.  Going back home, leaving me behind with nothing.  It's won't be the same without you guys.  I love you all." I let it all out.  "I feel like you guys are going to become all big and famous, and you'll forget about me." I continued.  "There's now possible way any of us can forget you.  I mean, it's you.  The unforgettable you." he smiled.  I couldn't help but crack a small smile also.

"I'm gonna miss you guys so much.  There won't be any craziness at school, or any laughs either.  School's gonna be really depressing." I started thinking about it.  "But I promise we'll all Skype, text and call you everyday.  It'll be like we never left." Niall said.  "But in reality, you'll be gone.  And what about time zones?  You're five hours ahead of me." I had to be technical.  "We'll find a way.  You're worth it." he squeezed me into his chest.  I felt hot tears welling up in my eyes.  I wanted to hold them back, but couldn't.  "Why are you crying?" Niall wiped a stray tear from my cheek.  "I'm going to miss you.  A lot, you have no idea how much." I continued crying.  Tears were now falling freely.  Niall placed the laptop in front of me.  He logged in and pulled up Skype.  "Here." he handed me a tissue.  "Thank you." I wiped away tears and probably half of my make-up.  "I'll be right back." Niall skipped over to the bathroom.  The boy's gotta go I guess.

I pulled Liam up on Skype.  "Hi." I waved.  "Hi.  How was dinner?  You look pretty." Liam was chewing as he spoke.  "Thanks.  What are you eating?" I asked.  "I don't exactly know." he looked off camera.  "You're strange." I concluded.  "You never answered my question.  How was dinner?  Have you been crying?" he asked multiple questions.  I'm not sure which one to answer first.  "Well, my mom made everybody dress up.  For pizza." I started.  "Did she make the pizza?" Liam asked excitedly.  I nodded.  "Is there any left?" he asked.  I nodded again.  "Save me some.  Anyway, continue." he leaned back on his bed frame.  Niall then emerged from the bathroom, taking a deep breath.  "You're scaring me." I told Niall.  "How?" Liam didn't realize I wasn't talking to him.  "Not you." I looked at Liam.  "Oh.  Who are you talking to?" he asked, moving around trying to see who I'm talking to.  He doesn't seem to know that it won't work.

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