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Heyy people its KAYLA XD I am depressed.....everythings messed up right now so I thought I could right about 1 of my problems.....love......there's this guy and yah the story will tell you...hope u will like it


Chapter 1 *~ kaycie Toraz~*

I have known him for 2 years, we were now both in 8th grade the year were everyone thinks there cool and changes...I was a loner had a handfull of friends my bestfriend Robin barrett, the others we mosty guys zack smith and camron farris, I had more I just feel like naming them. Me and Robin both have or crushes. Hers was Reagan finich or 'cherry' for his red hair, I had a few guys I thought were cute michelle garner and austen richinson or 'rich' as he perfers to be called, but I had a feeling little more then a crush with a guy Brandon heath...I have known him for 2 years scents 6th grade. He hated me at first, but now we are "like bestfriends" so he says. Were close not as close as robin and me but close. We tell eachoter everythings. He trust me and I kinda trust him. He told me a secret that tore my heart alittle that he was bi and like both girls and guys...he tells me 'whos hot' and 'who needs help' I got used to it after awhile I like him so much it was stupid to like somone this much, but it was not quiete love more like 'i like you a lot but I don't love you' type of thing

He knows I like him,but he does't know how much.

We dated, for 3 hours...yup sounds like a long time right?! I was pissed, but that made us closer, in friendship anyway.

After that I knew we would never be together agin it hurt to know that but it was true...

Cassie robberts was a bitch but she was one of my few friends I had next to shelby nicoles. Cassie like brandon at one point but soon stoped and started liking zack, he dident like her he said 'she was to fat and ugly' which she kinda was she was the fightly type always wanted a fight, that's what I dident lik about her because that was the opeeste of myself.

That was the same as brandon but he dident look for a fight he just like them.

It was 5th hour soc. Studies, I stood over cassies desk, she was the only person I really likd in this class besides brandon...

We talked about the randomist shit, but mostly how she cutt herself, for no reason what so ever.

It was quiet for awhile intill brandon walked in and both of our faces lit up....why is her face lighting up...everyone knows he's mine! I glared at him I was pretendng to hate him so these feeling won't get stonger. He glared right back sitting as his seat across from cassie.....in the pit of my stomach I knew this was going to be bad......


Don't worry there's more chapters gotta go to bed love u all

And this is tru my pov of things right now





~kayla t.

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