Chapter Eight

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Chapter Eight

The book called The Supernatural; Dragons & Fairies actually had a lot more information than Rei had anticipated. To make it worse, the text was so small it was barely readable. He growled in frustration and flipped the page over, squinting his eyes to read the text. He was barely on the fifth page of the book even though more than a few weeks had gone by.

So far, what he had found out was little. It spoke about how the first ever weredragon was created; eons ago with a lost magic called Kreenia. It was like an explosion of magic and fairy dust combined with the aura of a male Sworen. After the first weredragon was created for the sole purpose of protecting the Astral, the Kreenia magic was lost forever. The magic was said to contain fairy dust and a witch’s potion. None of the other ingredients were known till this day. Because of the presence of the fairy dust, which exists in all dragons and all fairies, the relationship between weredragons and fairies was like an unbreakable bond.

Sometimes it acted like a magnet or a pull, a comforting warmth, a need to be constantly close or protecting each other and so predictably, weredragons were mostly close with the fairies. Rei now understood why his parents must have chosen Laxia and Aunt Mae to be his home.

He cringed inwardly at the thought of them; still feeling a pang of loneliness. They still shouldn’t have left him. He would never forgive them for leaving him alone and letting him find out about all this on his own. It just wasn’t fair on his part.

It had taken all these past weeks; but Rei now recognized himself for what and who he was; a weredragon. It had taken a lot of time and convincing himself but now he truly believed it. It had been depressing at first but now he just shrugged it off.

Rei slammed the book closed and stood up to stretch.

It was morning, just almost about seven and a few weeks had passed since his encounter with Zee in the library. Since then, he had sort of been close to Zee. He had tried to kiss him again countless times but was always thwarted off much to his disappointment and dismay; despite that, the urge to kiss the blue haired boy got stronger than ever each time they were close.

Another thing Rei noticed was that he didn’t seem to be the only one that saw the path into the forest, or The Forbidden Land as most of the students called it; Zee actually saw the path too. He didn’t know why they called it a ‘land’ when it was obviously not.

He quickly got outside his tent before anyone could wake up and his heart and body immediately grew warm when he spotted Zee just in the middle of the field on the grass, watching the first sun rise. It had become a daily routine for both of them over the past weeks to watch the suns rising together.

Rei sat beside him and something in him, which Rei had come to realize was his dragon, purred with contentment to be so close to Zee. He blushed in embarrassment but was happy that Zee couldn’t feel his dragon’s obvious need to be close to the blue haired boy.

“Morning,” Zee’s soft voice tinkered and the dragon within Rei purred again at the sound of hearing his voice early in the morning. Rei was sure his cheeks were a dark crimson now.

“Morning,” he managed to say through his constricted throat. Down, dragon, down!

He saw Zee’s skin turn a shade pinker and his dragon stirred; the beast urging him to shift closer. He ignored it and stared as Zee’s delicate fingers played with blades of grass underneath his fingertips.

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